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Style - Kicks and Gear, We Reminisce / Jun 25, 2012 / 2:15 pm

We Reminisce: LeBron James & The Chamber of Fear Ad Campaign

LeBron James' "Chamber of Fear"

LeBron James' "Chamber of Fear" (photo. Bryan Horowitz)

No sport markets its stars like basketball, and growing up in the mid-90′s, I developed a taste for studying ad campaigns. How could I not? There was Barkley fighting Godzilla, Mr. Robinson‘s Neighborhood, Lil’ Penny‘s pool party – and of course, more incredible Michael Jordan ads than I could count.

As such, almost as much as wanting to see LeBron James play in the NBA, I couldn’t wait to see how Nike and Wieden+Kennedy would market him. With so much to work with, they’ve delivered some real gems, most notably the Witness-era coolness of “The Chalk” and the powerful post-Decision recovery effort “Rise.” (There’s also the bizarre Nicole Scherzinger ad, which defies description.) Read More »