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Style - Kicks and Gear, We Reminisce / Jun 25, 2012 / 2:15 pm

We Reminisce: LeBron James & The Chamber of Fear Ad Campaign

LeBron James' "Chamber of Fear"

No sport markets its stars like basketball, and growing up in the mid-90’s, I developed a taste for studying ad campaigns. How could I not? There was Barkley fighting Godzilla, Mr. Robinson‘s Neighborhood, Lil’ Penny‘s pool party – and of course, more incredible Michael Jordan ads than I could count.

As such, almost as much as wanting to see LeBron James play in the NBA, I couldn’t wait to see how Nike and Wieden+Kennedy would market him. With so much to work with, they’ve delivered some real gems, most notably the Witness-era coolness of “The Chalk” and the powerful post-Decision recovery effort “Rise.” (There’s also the bizarre Nicole Scherzinger ad, which defies description.) Read More »