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Video / Jan 14, 2010 / 3:30 pm

Baron Davis Runs New York City

Baron Davis schooling helpless New York City pedestrians? Classic. The fact it’s over a J Dilla track (from Dilla’s latest album, Jay $tay Paid, in which our boy DJ Reason A&R’d with Pete Rock) and has cameos from Common, DJ Clue, Jim Jones, and Irv Gotti (plus his Bentley) make it that much cooler.

Smack / Aug 15, 2009 / 3:58 am

The experts pick LeBron & Shaq to win the East; Starbury is done

LeBron James

This will get the LeBron haters’ blood pressure up. The Orlando Sentinel polled 11 “NBA experts” (a.k.a. media) to handicap the Eastern Conference for next season, and the Cavs were given the No. 1 spot. The Celtics ranked second, and Orlando third. Apparently replacing Hedo Turkoglu and Courtney Lee with Vince Carter and Matt Barnes was seen as a step backwards for the Magic, while a healthy Kevin Garnett and the addition of Shaq helped pushed Boston and Cleveland to the top … Read More »

NBA, Video / Aug 14, 2009 / 9:00 am

Sneak Peek At “Just Wright”

Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard and almost everyone from the New Jersey Nets were at the Izod Center yesterday filiming “Just Wright,” a movie starring Queen Latifah and Common. The story revolves around a sports trainer (Queen Latifah) who finds herself falling in love with a professional basketball player (Common) while rehabilitating him from a career-threatening injury. Check the clip below.