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College, High School / Apr 23, 2010 / 6:55 pm

Texas signs All-American point guard Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph

Along with social networking and a concrete resume of NBA alumni, it looks like one of the best ways for college coaches to land big-time recruits nowadays is to sign up that kid’s friends. And it’s not like if Georgetown had offered Bugaloo a scholarship to get Kyle-Lee Watson — since travel schedules and national schedules allow the best high schoolers in the country ample opportunity to get to know each other, you can entice one five-star kid to your program with the lure of a five-star friend of his.

At Texas, coach Rick Barnes has landed his next great point guard thanks to the buddy system. Read More »

College, High School / Apr 12, 2010 / 10:00 am

Jared Sullinger tops updated Dime/2K Sports Top 50 Ranking

Jared Sullinger

Rajon Rondo isn’t the only guy making his national magazine cover debut this month. On the other half of our Dime #56 double-cover we have Jared Sullinger, the first-ever Dime/2K Sports National High School Player of the Year.

If you haven’t seen Sullinger play yet, you can still catch him at the Jordan Brand Classic on April 17, or you can wait until he’s ripping it up at Ohio State next season. Read More »

High School / Feb 22, 2010 / 12:00 pm

The nation’s biggest McDonald’s H.S. All-American snub

Ryan Harrow (photo. Aurelien Meunier)

Ryan Harrow is beginning to sense a pattern.

When the selections for the 2010 McDonald’s All-American Game were announced live on ESPNU on Feb. 11, Harrow — a senior point guard at Walton High School in Marietta, Ga. — once again found himself on the outside looking in as he was denied a career-defining opportunity. General consensus among several media and fans was that Harrow was the biggest McD’s snub out of anybody. Read More »

High School / Feb 11, 2010 / 11:00 pm

Jared Sullinger & Harrison Barnes Headline 2010 McDonald’s All American Game

McDonald's All American Game

I told you yesterday that the McDonald’s All American Game Selection Show was happening tonight, as the top 24 high school basketball seniors in the country would be selected to play in the prestigious 2010 Games set to tip off in Columbus, Ohio on March 31. Well the ballots are in, so check out the rosters for both teams. Read More »

High School / Dec 17, 2009 / 8:00 pm

Trouble Brewing For Findlay Prep On ESPN Right Now

Cory Joseph & Tristan Thompson

If you’re not watching No. 1 Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) vs. No. 13 Northland (Columbus, Ohio) on ESPN right now, you’re missing some of the best prospects in the country battle it out. I personally got to spend 10 days in France with the three best players on the floor (the Findlay Prep duo of Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph and Northland’s Jared Sullinger) this past summer, and they will surely be in the League. Read More »

College, High School, NBA, Playground, Video / Aug 24, 2009 / 7:51 pm

A Recap Of The Best Basketball Weekend Of The Summer

Last week I wasn’t kidding when I said that this past weekend was the best basketball weekend of the summer. Featuring two of the best events of the year – Boost Mobile Elite 24 and Nike Tournament of Champions – NYC’s asphalt was full of hoops. And it all started Friday night up at Rucker Park. Read More »

High School, NBA / Aug 21, 2009 / 12:35 pm

Practicing With The Kids From Elite 24

Elite 24

Yesterday afternoon I went up to The Sports Club/LA to watch the kids from the Boost Mobile Elite 24 train and practice before tonight’s game. With 24 of the best high school players in the country, competition sets in when you’re playing in front of the media. Read More »

High School, NBA / Aug 20, 2009 / 7:00 am

Dime Exclusive: Elite 24 Midnight Run At MSG

Elite 24

When I was out in LA this past weekend, I got a call from my girl Crystal Howard at ESPN PR asking if I’d be interested in coming to watch a secret midnight run at MSG with all the kids from Elite 24. Let’s just say it didn’t take long to accept. With Brandon Jennings and Kevin Love running alongside some of the best prep ballers in the nation, you can believe me when I say that the competition was fierce. Read More »

High School, Playground / Aug 18, 2009 / 12:25 pm

Elite 24 Kicks Off Best Basketball Weekend Of The Summer


Trust me. We understand your frustration with the lack of hoop being played since NBA Summer League ended, but this weekend in NYC features two of the best events of the year: Boost Mobile Elite 24 and Nike Tournament of Champions. And it all starts this Friday up at Rucker Park. Read More »

High School, Video / Jul 14, 2009 / 12:00 pm

Tristan Thompson & Cory Joseph Take On Their Country

With the 2K Sports Preseason All-American Team playing Canada, you may wonder why Toronto natives and Findlay Prep’s finest Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph were playing with the Americans. While you can read about that HERE, watch the team make an appearance at a local electronics store, discuss French food and gets their first victory against the Canadians. Check them out and more in Episode 5 of the 2K Sports Preseason All-American Team vs. The World.

Read More »