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NBA / Mar 14, 2014 / 3:15 pm

Cleveland’s 5 Worst Mistakes Since LeBron Left

Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett (Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports)

On July 8, 2010, LeBron James told the nation, on national television mind you, that he would be taking his “talents” to South Beach. The rest is history: LeBron went on to reach the NBA Finals three straight years, winning both of the last two seasons, and has a strong chance of three-peating this season. Cleveland went into depression; the Cavs tied the longest losing streak in professional sports (26 games, the longest in NBA history), and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert went crazy ex-girlfriend on us, publicly scorning LeBron for leaving a city that he has no actual connection to (LeBron is from Akron, not Cleveland… something many forget through all this). Read More »

NBA, Smack / Mar 9, 2014 / 7:34 pm

Report: The Cavs Still Think They Can Lure LeBron

LeBron James, Tristan Thompson

LeBron James, Tristan Thompson (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

Since LeBron James left Cleveland after the nationally televised debacle known simply as “The Decision,” Cavs owner Dan Gilbert sent a letter to fans bathed in bitterness. Since that time, cooler heads have prevailed, and now the Cavs still think they can land LeBron; except, the firing of former GM Chris Grant and the subsequently morose Zydrunas Ilgauskas may have opened the same wounds that made James’ return to Ohio completely untenable. Read More »

NBA / Feb 12, 2014 / 3:45 pm

The Mad Ending To Andrew Bynum’s Cavs Tenure

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum (David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

Cleveland’s decision to sign center Andrew Bynum ended when the Cavs suspended the 26-year-old for conduct detrimental to the team before trading him to the Bulls for Luol Deng and picks. The Bulls didn’t pick up the second half of his incentive-laden contract, and after a few weeks in limbo, the Pacers snagged him as a free agent. A recent report from Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reveals a certain anecdote that explains his post-haste departure from Cleveland. Read More »

NBA / Sep 17, 2013 / 3:00 pm

The NBA’s 10 Most Outrageous Guarantees Of The Last 20 Years

Brandon Jennings

The other day, while I read the article in which Jason Terry mocked J.R. Smith‘s recent championship guarantee, something regarding the whole situation hit me: Up until that moment, there really hadn’t been much of an outcry from anyone in the basketball world. Read More »

NBA / Jun 22, 2012 / 11:30 am

Dan Gilbert Congratulates Miami And OKC, Leaves LeBron Out

Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert fired off a congratulatory tweet last night to Miami and OKC, and it was relatively tame. But, as the majority of critics have pointed out, there was no mention of LeBron James. Before you jump on your moral high horse and condemn Dan Gilbert for not paying homage to his departed star, Gilbert must have known the immense scrutiny that would surround his postgame reaction. But there will always be a part of him that feels betrayed – Cleveland was LeBron’s home, the town to which he was supposed to bring a title. So he gave a run-of-the-mill reaction, one that didn’t acknowledge James, and one that contrasted his normally in-your-face style. Read More »

NBA / Mar 7, 2012 / 12:00 pm

The 5 NBA Teams That Must Make A Move At The Trade Deadline

Raymond Felton

Kyrie Irving (photo. D.L. Anderson)

The clock is ticking. As if this compressed season hasn’t gone by fast enough, the NBA’s trade deadline is approaching as fast as Kobe deciding to pull-up for a jumper. March 15 marks the last possible day that teams can trade cats to either improve their shot to make a real title run or look to revamp their squads with an eye towards the future. As basketball fans, we all love to discuss trade scenarios probably more so than the actual play at hand. Now it’s time for GMs to get on the phone and make something happen. Read More »

DimeBag / Jan 13, 2012 / 3:00 pm

DimeBag: The Weekly Dime Mailbag, Volume XVI


DimeBag (design. Ryan Hurst)

HOW TO SUBMIT: E-mail dimebag@dimemag.com with your question/story/idea and include your name and hometown.

It’s DimeBag time. Let’s get to it. Read More »

Smack / Dec 17, 2011 / 12:00 am

The NBA Preseason Tips Off; Stephen Jackson Not Happy In Milwaukee?

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

Didn’t we kinda sorta predict this? Stephen Jackson hasn’t been practicing up in Milwaukee because of some back spasms, but some are saying he’s been sitting out for entirely different reasons. Reportedly, Jackson isn’t happy with his contract, one that will pay him over $9 million this season and $10 million next season. He wanted an extension in Charlotte – as a 33-year-old, you know the guaranteed years are weighing heavily on him – and the Bobcats decided to ship him out instead of offering one. Jackson hasn’t said a word about it during training camp. Read More »

Smack / Dec 10, 2011 / 12:00 am

Chris Paul To The Lakers Trade Talks Are Back On; Vince Carter Close To Signing With Dallas

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Of all five teams that the New Orleans fiasco sort of screwed over this week (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, the Knicks and Boston), it’s the Lakers who are probably hurting the most to get these talks kick-started and moving again. Lamar Odom isn’t feeling the love right now, and showed up for just a few moments during practice yesterday. So there’s no doubt in our minds that they’re working feverishly right now. The teams were given the green light to start talking again so all three are back to the negotiating table, attempting to tweak what they thought was a sure thing just a few days ago. Read More »

NBA / Dec 9, 2011 / 6:00 pm

Washington Generals Extend Dan Gilbert An Offer To Suit Up

Washington Generals

Apparently we weren’t the only ones to take notice of Dan Gilbert‘s letter to David Stern. In response, the Washington Generals have offered Gilbert a chance to play or coach when they come to Cleveland on Dec. 27 to face the Harlem Globetrotters. According to the team, this is a serious offer. They’ve even made him a jersey. Read More »