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Latest News / Sep 12, 2014 / 11:45 am

Billy King and David Aldridge Defend Danny Ferry; Say He’s No Racist

Billy King

As the situation with Danny Ferry continues to play out, other people in basketball circles have begun expressing their views on Ferry’s character based on their personal interactions with him. This week, Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King and NBA columnist David Aldridge shared their opinions. Read More »

Smack / May 27, 2014 / 11:55 pm

Gregg Popovich’s Awkward Silence During His Sideline Interview

Gregg Popovich, David Aldridge

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had plenty to be upset about after his Spurs started Game 4 off with an 8-0 run, only to fall apart and end the first quarter down to the Thunder, 25-20. That’s why Turner Sports’ David Aldridge was walking on thin ice during his sideline interview with the cantankerous Pop before the second period started. Read More »

Smack / Feb 7, 2014 / 1:00 am

Video: Gregg Popovich Gives Another Sarcastic Sideline Interview

Gregg Popovich, David Aldridge

This one was so sarcastic as to be almost caustic, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. We have to applaud David Aldridge for keeping it together while Gregg Popovich answered a pair of questions at the beginning of the second quarter during Thursday night’s Nets-Spurs game. That’s because Popovich’s famously glowering sideline moments reached a new nadir, or peak — depending on who you ask. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Oct 21, 2011 / 2:00 pm

Derek Fisher Says We Should Blame The Owners

Derek Fisher

Does everyone still want to completely blame the players for this mess? If the last two days haven’t convinced you that the owners are even more greedy, even more egotistical, even more obsessed with coming out ahead in these discussions – like little kids fighting over every Easter egg – then I don’t know what will. They deserve much of the blame as well for failing in the negotiations this week. Just when things appeared ready to turn around with numerous small breakthroughs on system topics, owners like Peter Holt (who told the players “You haven’t felt enough pain yet.”), Paul Allen and Dan Gilbert came through like John Marston and started shooting s— up. Derek Fisher spoke with NBA TV’s David Aldridge yesterday, explaining why everything involving the lockout talks have shut down. Read More »

Smack / Oct 16, 2011 / 12:00 am

Dwyane Wade Speaks His Mind, Says Parity Is “Unrealistic”

Dwyane Wade

So much of this lockout was said to be a result of all the star players migrating to the big markets and leaving the smaller market teams without a real money-maker or with a shot to be competitive. Well for Dwyane Wade, he says it’s unrealistic to not expect that. Some teams will be down. Some will be powerful, just like an other corporation or business or industry in the world. Wade says he thinks it’s stupid to shoot for a world where every team has the same chips to play with. It’s not about who has the most chips. It’s what teams do with those chips. How large of a factor do you think that is? OKC and the Spurs have shown you can win in any type of market, but they also both got lucky and found themselves superstars who truly enjoy being there. It always comes down to basketball decisions, but do you think a team like the Lakers would always be this competitive if they were in a smaller market? … Read More »