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Smack / Oct 15, 2011 / 12:00 am

Rumors Mount About A Secret NBA Schedule

Brandon Jennings

82 games? A secret schedule? David Stern having a conscience? No way. But rumors continue to mount that all of this might be true (even the stuff about our man Stern). Obviously, Stern has been throwing threats around for the last few weeks. He made good on the first one – to cancel the first two weeks of the season – but now it’s possible the season might be in jeopardy – or at least all the games before Christmas – if nothing is improved by next week. ESPN.com reports that there’s a belief amongst the players that the owners may start turning on each other if the players hold firm. Of course, we’ve heard that one before. What if neither side budges? A bunch of stubborn millionaires/billionaires dig themselves even further into the sand? Let’s not talk about it. Read More »

Overseas, Video / Oct 14, 2011 / 10:30 am

Great Britain’s Devon van Oostrum Is The Next Ricky Rubio

Looking for the next European point guard sensation? We’ve found him. Devon van Oostrum is currently ranked as the top PG in Europe born in 1993, and is the youngest player to ever represent Great Britain at a senior level. A walking highlight reel, the kid they simply call DVO is legit, and hopefully we’ll see him suiting up in the NBA in the next few years. The following video is is the best stuff our friends at Hoopsfix got of him on tape this summer.

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Overseas, Video / Jul 6, 2011 / 4:45 pm

Top International Point Guard Smashes A Dunk On A 6-10 Center

His name is Devon Van Oostrum and he’s 6-3. He also has some serious hops, as this 6-10 Denmark center found out. While playing with players two years older than himself, Van Oostrum finished the game with 23 points, seven assists, six rebounds and three steals. He’s currently the third-ranked international prospect for his age group (1993). I can see why.

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