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Smack / Sep 14, 2011 / 12:00 am

The Locked-Out Answer

Allen Iverson

Would you take Allen Iverson? We think most fans would speak up in favor of bringing the future Hall of Famer back into the NBA. But how many GMs would? If you go by their recent actions, not too many, and every year he’s gone from the game, the more likely it is that we’ve seen the last of him in an NBA uniform. The Answer still wants to fight his way back in, and it’s being reported that’s exactly what he’s doing in reaching out to some of the game’s best trainers and working his way back. He might make an appearance in the Impact Vegas League. We wish AI would get another shot – he did grace our first ever issue of Dime and still holds a special place for us – but the chances are about as good as us seeing basketball on opening night … Read More »

Video Games / Sep 13, 2011 / 4:00 pm

Video Game Review: Double Dribble

Double Dribble

An integral part of Dime’s literary footprint is basketball-related video game news. This has become doubly important in the wake of the ongoing lockout, where getting one’s hoops fix sometimes leads to the digital world. With this in mind, Konami is prepared to launch a basketball game that will change everything. The Dime editorial staff has been provided with an advance copy, and I am privileged to give you a sneak peek. Plug in your controllers, blow on your cartridge, turn the television to Channel 3 and come with me. Read More »