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Latest News / Dec 7, 2014 / 6:15 pm

Kevin McHale Says Injured Dwight Howard “Won’t Be Back Anytime Soon”

Dwight Howard

The Houston Rockets are 16-4, but even that sterling record belies just how impressive they’ve been in the early going of 2014-2015. Kevin McHale’s team has performed at an elite level despite three starters missing more than half of the schedule thus far. The Rockets will need to continue leaning on confidence gleaned from that success despite a depleted roster going forward, too. According to McHale, All-Star center Dwight Howard “won’t be back anytime soon.” Read More »

NBA / Dec 2, 2014 / 5:00 pm

5 Reasons The Rockets Are Championship Contenders

James Harden

The NBA season is still young and teams have yet to reach their full potential, but there are already squads who are showing signs of brilliance. The Raptors in the East, and the Grizzlies in the West, have been scorching hot out of the gate, while we know others — such as the Cavaliers, Bulls, Spurs and Warriors — will be making noise come playoff time. But it is the Rockets who are finally becoming the team many predicted after signing Dwight Howard to play alongside James Harden two summers ago. Read More »

Smack / Nov 18, 2014 / 2:00 pm

Gary Payton Thinks Dwight Howard “Is Disliked By A Lot Of Players”

Gary Payton, Dwight Howard

After reports surfaced of Kevin Durant talking junk to Dwight Howard while witnessing the gross 69-65 Rockets win over the Thunder on Sunday, the Fox Sports 1 crew asked Gary Payton for his thoughts on the Rockets big man. The Glove did not hold back. Read More »

Latest News / Nov 17, 2014 / 10:15 pm

GIF: Tony Allen Blocks Dwight Howard’s Shot, Wags Finger To Memphis Crowd

Tony Allen

Now this is how you perform Dikembe Mutombo’s famed finger-wag, Dwight Howard. Watch Tony Allen come from behind Howard to block the big man’s shot and wag his finger to the Memphis Grizzlies’ crowd in his team’s 119-93 beat-down of the Houston Rockets on Monday. Read More »

Smack, Twitter / Nov 17, 2014 / 9:15 am

Kevin Durant Repeatedly Tells Dwight Howard, “You’re A Pu**y”

Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant

Last night’s Thunder-Rockets game was ugly. Houston scored 24 points in the first quarter, and it was the only time either time exceeded 20 points in a quarter; Houston then scored only nine in the third session. The Rockets did, however, get the win when James Harden hit a huge step-back three-pointer with 1:19 remaining to give them a 68-65 advantage they never relinquished. The ugliness of the game mirrored the junk Kevin Durant was slinging towards Dwight Howard from the sidelines. Read More »

NBA / Nov 13, 2014 / 3:30 pm

GIF: Dwight Howard Does Dikembe Mutombo’s Classic Finger-Wag

Dwight Howard

Dikembe Mutombo is somewhere shaking his head in disgust. After Trevor Ariza was called for a blocking foul last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Dwight Howard channeled his Houston Rockets paint-protecting predecessor by playfully waving his finger at the crowd. Read More »

NBA / Nov 13, 2014 / 12:30 am

Video: Dwight Howard Welcomes Andrew Wiggins To NBA With Huge Block

Dwight Howard

Andrew Wiggins learned the hard way that not every player on the Houston Rockets defends like James Harden. After easily beating Harden to the baseline, the rookie rose for a finish only to have his shot swatted into the stands by a soaring Dwight Howard. Read More »

Video / Nov 10, 2014 / 4:15 pm

Past Meets Present In Epic Update Of NBA’s Classic “Forever” Commercial

Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James

Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James (photo. Slamdunk Mixmakin”

Have you ever wondered what Derrick Rose would look like playing with Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan? How Paul George measures up to a prime, healthy Tracy McGrady? If LeBron James’ aerial exploits compare to Julius Erving’s? You won’t ever find out, unfortunately, but this epic update of classic NBA spot “Forever” is the closest you’ll come to doing so. Read More »

Smack / Nov 7, 2014 / 10:30 am

Video: Rockets Cheerleader Ignores Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Rockets center and glucose-heavy consumer Dwight Howard was mic’d up last night for Houston’s big, 98-81, win over a short-handed Spurs team. Some highlights include him using the word “SWAG” to get his team hyped up before the game, plus he’s constantly apologizing to coach Kevin McHale for mistakes during the game — a game in which he dropped a season-high 32 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. But it was what happened at the end that’s the best part of Dwight’s mic’d up experience. Read More »

GIFs, Video / Nov 3, 2014 / 7:45 pm

Watch Dwight Howard Catch And Finish Alley-Oop On Top Of Sixers Defender

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard (photo. clutchfansDOTnet)

This seems a nice encapsulation of how the undefeated Houston Rockets’ game tonight against the win-less Philadelphia 76ers is bound to go. Late in the first quarter with Houston already up double-digits, Dwight Howard caught a lob on top of Philly’s Chris Johnson and finished over him in one insanely athletic motion. Read More »