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NBA / Dec 4, 2009 / 4:45 pm

What I Learned from the NBA this Week

'Melo covers Dime #53

Working at Dime Magazine, a ton of headlines, news and opinions pass through our website each week. Everyday a new story breaks and we change our focus to the next game on the schedule. As the week wraps up I took the time to reflect on what the NBA taught me over the last 7 days. Read More »

Smack / Dec 4, 2009 / 4:42 am

The Big Three. Or Six. Or Eight…

Kevin Garnett

When Kevin Garnett was traded to the Celtics, we all imagined the hypothetical Finals series between Boston and San Antonio and would it would mean for the legacies of KG and Tim Duncan. Two of the game’s five greatest power forwards came up in the same era, but because KG’s supporting cast was consistently so much worse than Duncan’s, we never got a real look at what would happen if they met on a really big stage. And even after KG got to Boston, those big-time matchups never seemed to materialize due to injuries and what-not. Last night we finally got to see what a Celtics/Spurs NBA Finals might feel like — and neither KG or TD was even the best power forward on the court … Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Dec 3, 2009 / 10:30 am

Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.3

Jason Kidd

Beast of the Night: Jason Kidd was a maestro once again, orchestrating a line to the tune of 16 points, 2 threes, 8 boards, 10 assists, 5 steals, 1 block and 4 turnovers. He shot 83 percent (5-6) from the floor and 100 percent (4-4) from the line. He could be finding his groove, but it’s unlikely that he’ll keep this kind of production up on a consistent basis. Regardless, Kidd remains one of the best fantasy point guards in the land. Read More »

Smack / Dec 3, 2009 / 1:16 am

Brains vs. ‘Bron

LeBron James

During the Phoenix broadcast of last night’s Suns/Cavs game, one of the announcers compared Steve Nash and LeBron as such: “One does it with the brain, the other does it with the brawn. ‘Le-Brawn,’ I guess you could say.” Nevermind that dude almost wandered into Jimmy the Greek territory with that one (it’s strange how people act like Nash isn’t a great athlete, or LBJ only dominates because of his athleticism), but LeBron made the comment look silly anyway when he did his Magic Johnson impersonation and dropped seven assists in the first quarter. Read More »

Hit List / Nov 30, 2009 / 8:00 am

NBA Hit List power ranking, 11.30

'Melo covers Dime #53

Ranking the League from worst to first…

30. New Jersey Nets (0-17) — Can we just give Chris Douglas-Roberts (16.4 ppg) the Most Improved Player award out of pity? The kid only lost 10 games total in three years of college, and now he’s dealing with this.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves (2-15) — Once they get Kevin Love back, they’ll have a real good shot at winning 11 or even 12 games this year. Read More »

Smack / Nov 28, 2009 / 5:10 am

My Name is Earl

Earl Boykins

What would be more frustrating: Having a behemoth like Shaq make your summer weight-lifting look pointless when he bowls you over and dunks on your head? Or getting lit up by Earl Boykins, who — once he’s done lighting you up — sits on the bench and you can see his feet swinging? … D-Wade and crew got a taste of that Boykins-fueled frustration last night, when Earl (10 pts, 9 asts) took over the fourth quarter and led the Wizards to a win. Creating space for mid-range jumpers and handing out dimes to Antawn Jamison (24 pts, 13 rebs) and the other bigs, Boykins played so good that Gilbert Arenas never saw the floor in the fourth. Read More »

NBA / Nov 19, 2009 / 12:37 pm

No More Excuses For The Washington Wizards

Gilbert Arenas

In this young NBA season, no team has been a bigger disappointment than the Washington Wizards. With Gilbert Arenas being healthy again and having arguably one of the deepest rosters in the league, there were high expectations for the team coming into the season. Right now, the Wizards’ record stands at 3-7 – fourth in the Southeast Division. Prior to last night’s big win against the Cavs, Washington had lost six in a row and four of those games were by double digits. That dramatic opening night road victory in Dallas seems like a distant memory. Read More »

Smack / Nov 19, 2009 / 4:17 am

Back in the Mix

Antawn Jamison

You know what you’re going to get when the Cavs and Wizards play on national TV: Plenty of talk about LeBron‘s “rivalry” with DeShawn Stevenson, LeBron’s rivalry with the Wizards, Mike Miller wearing LeBron’s shoes, maybe Washington’s injury problems … And then there was the story line for last night’s game that nobody wanted to talk about: The gossip-page reports saying Shaq got caught messing around with Gilbert Arenas‘ girl. Anyone think there’s a slight chance that’s really why Shaq sat out? Say what you want about being a professional and focusing on the game, but that’s grounds for any grown man to get punched in the face at any random moment. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Nov 16, 2009 / 10:00 am

Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 11.16 (Weekend Wrap-Up)

Brandon Jennings

Weekend Wonder: Brandon Jennings was all kinds of amazing Saturday, blasting the scoreboard with 55 points, 7 threes, 5 rebounds and 5 assists against the woeful Warriors. He shot 62 percent (21-34) from the field, 75 percent (6-8) from the free throw line and turned the ball over four times. It’s hard to imagine him keeping up this pace for the whole season but for the time being, Jennings is already a top-20 fantasy player. Read More »

NBA / Nov 12, 2009 / 1:37 pm

10 Players Who Are About To Crash The Party

Pau Gasol

The injury epidemic hit the NBA hard at the beginning of this NBA season. Several stars’ season debuts have been delayed due to different injuries. On top of guys getting hurt, a couple of big time players started the year suspended. Now that J.R. Smith and Tyler Hansbrough finally suited up, there are a dozen of other players who are about to crash the season and possibly make major impacts. Here’s ten to keep an eye on. Read More »