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Watch Drake Blow In Lance Stephenson’s Ear At ESPYs

Drake, Lance Stephenson

Drake, Lance Stephenson (photo. @ESPN)

The lovable rapper/actor/emcee backpackers hate with the violence of an early Rakim couplet, Raptors global ambassador Drake, hosted the ESPYs tonight in Los Angeles and he got a couple humdingers in about Donald Sterling and others. Perhaps his greatest NBA-related skit involved Lance Stephenson and his former teammate Paul George. Read More »

DimeTV / Jun 30, 2014 / 5:45 pm

Screen & Roll Vol. 5: ESPY’s Nominations, Free Agency, Seattle Pro-Am & More

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade

With the blink-and-you-missed it way basketball has infiltrated our online and television lives, it’s only fair you get some warning for what’s up next. Whether it’s a basketball game halfway around the world, the NBA Finals, a revealing interview, or a high school star’s mix tape, we’ve got you covered with our “Screen & Roll” recap of what’s coming on for the coming week. Read More »

Video / Apr 11, 2014 / 10:45 am

Video: Drake In Disguise Asks Fans What They Think Of Drake Hosting The ESPYs


Depending on how you feel about the man, when recent word broke that Drake was going to host the 2014 ESPY Awards Show, it was either the best or worst news of the year. Aubrey probably suspected the same thing, so he took to Jimmy Kimmel Live and went to the streets himself to see what people thought. Dressed up in disguise in this “I Witness News” segment, Drake coerced some pretty hilarious responses. Read More »

NBA, Video / Jul 17, 2013 / 11:30 pm

Jon Hamm Disses Dwight Howard During ESPY’s Monologue


Jon Hamm hosted the ESPY’s tonight at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Perhaps because he was in LA, or because he’s a Lakers fan, he decided to have a little fun at Dwight Howard‘s expense. Read More »

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DeAndre Jordan Shows Off His “Stank Face” On Instagram Video After Receiving His ESPY’s Gift

DeAndre Jordan Stank Face

After DeAndre Jordan threw down arguably the dunk of the year on poor Brandon Knight last season, he showed off a “stank face” for the cameras. For tonight’s ESPY Awards, ESPN sent Jordan a gift, and he showed the stank face on a great Instagram video. Read More »

Smack / Jul 14, 2011 / 1:09 am

The Ballers Run The ESPYS

Blake Griffin

So The ESPY’s may not be an all-hoops award show, but outside of the U.S. Ladies and their overseas patriot smorgasbord, the ballers stole the show. It started off solid with SNL’s Seth Meyers making us laugh while making every athlete in the room sweat. Our favorite: Meyers mentioning that the Heat’s Big Three was a reference to how many quarters they play in big games. Sick. Burn. Dude. Or the one when Meyers said Kim K is only marrying a Net because she was sick of dating pro athletes. Wow. Read More »