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Smack / Oct 18, 2011 / 12:00 am

Eddy Curry Slims Down; LaMarcus Aldridge Isn’t Happy With A Portland Coaching Change

Danny Granger

It’s funny how the players and the owners are just now using mediation via George Cohen to sort things out. They’ve been at odds for months and both sides, at least currently, aren’t willing to compromise. At the same time the players really don’t have leverage in this situation. So bringing in a mediator likely won’t solve things unless the players realize they’re nearly out of poker chips. Young stars like Durant and Rose can respectively stay hopeful and swear this long lockout wasn’t their doing. They were endorsing, not signing and cutting the checks after all. We’ve heard nothing but high praise – really high praise – for Cohen. Some are basically calling him a genius, the very best at what he does, and even someone who’s as smart as David Stern. But can he work a miracle? … Read More »

D-League, NBA / Feb 7, 2011 / 5:00 pm

Meet The Newest Full-Time Member Of The NBA

Zabian Dowdell

In January, Phoenix signed guard Zabian Dowdell for the D-League’s first Gatorade Call-Up of the season. Today, the Suns announced they have signed him for the rest of the year. Could it have been his What’s My Name? feature in Dime #62? Perhaps. Either way, take a minute to learn more about the newest full-time member of the Association. Read More »