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NBA / May 26, 2011 / 11:00 am

Why The Bulls Should Re-Sign Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford

The most common criticism that people have had against the Bulls this season has been their lack of a true scorer outside of Derrick Rose. Never was that more evident than in the last five minutes of regulation and overtime of Game 4, when Rose essentially went one-on-one with a much bigger LeBron James because nobody else on his team could create any shots without his help. The most glaring weakness is at the two guard spot, where the Bulls currently have a flawed three-man rotation there. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Oct 4, 2010 / 12:30 pm

Chicago Overpaid For Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah

As we reported in Smack, Joakim Noah has agreed to a five-year, $60 million extension to stay with the Chicago Bulls. Becoming just the second player from the 2007 NBA Draft to sign an extension (the other being Kevin Durant for five years and $86 million), this got me thinking: Did Chicago overpay for Noah? Sorry Bulls fans, but the answer is yes. Read More »

NBA / Jul 8, 2010 / 11:15 pm

Statements From Cavs, Knicks, Nets, Bulls & Clippers On LeBron James’ Decision

LeBron James

You knew that hearts were going to be broken, but you just didn’t know where. After LeBron James chose to move to South Beach, read statements from all the teams that he snubbed. Of course they’re always looking on the bright side of things. Read More »