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Overseas, Playground / Aug 4, 2011 / 3:30 pm

Haron “H20″ Hargrave Throws Fifth Annual Queen’s Day Tourney

Haron Hargrave

A native of Queens, N.Y., former Romanian pro Haron “H2O” Hargrave hopes to bring the community together in his fifth version of the Queen’s Day 5-on-5 basketball tournament on August 20-21.

Hargrave’s event will bring the community together for food, music and an intense basketball tournament of 12 teams playing for a grand prize of $5,000 at the Roy Wilkins Park and Recreation Center in Queens. The format is a double-elimination style tournament of eight-man rosters, who will decide the winner by the end of a 20-minute game (with the clock stopping only in the last two minutes), or whomever first reaches 21 by ones and twos. Read More »