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College / Mar 19, 2014 / 1:00 pm

The 5 Best Arizona Wildcats Since 2000

Derrick Williams

The one thing you can’t overlook about the Arizona Wildcats throughout the years has been their exemplary guard play. I mean, these boys had some relentless gunners–no pun intended on Gilbert Arenas. Lute Olson took this team to the top of college basketball with a plethora of shoot-first guards like Damon Stoudamire, Mike Bibby, Jerryd Bayless and Jason Terry. While Arizona is dubbed “Point Guard U” because of their immense guard play, Olson also had big men who were vital in shaping the success of the program. Read More »

College, High School / Oct 13, 2010 / 3:00 pm

Top 10 High School Shooting Guards of the Last 10 Years

On the NBA level, getting into a debate about the best two-guards (of all-time or recently) is no fun. Once Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are mentioned, it’s over.

The same isn’t true for high school. Because there are so many differences in style of play, toughness of competition, and insane numbers to throw around, it’s not easy settling on one G.O.A.T. shooting guard for the prep scene. Over on High School Hoop, Jason Jordan ranks the Top 10 two-guards of the last decade (Class of 2000 to 2010), based solely on how good they were as high school and AAU competitors. Read More »