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Playground / Aug 31, 2011 / 4:30 pm

Hoop It Up 3-On-3 & USA Basketball Come Together

USA Basketball

I always wanted to enter the Hoop It Up three-on-three tournament but never did. Clearly, I missed out. It’s wildly popular and no matter where you go in this country, if you ask someone about hooping in the Hoop It Up, they usually know what you’re talking about. Now, a partnership will be taking the 3-on-3 king worldwide.

For the first time ever, on September 9-11 in Italy, FIBA is holding an Invitational 3×3 Youth World Championship for boys and girls 18 years old and younger. How amazing is that? Four players from both the girl’s and boy’s USA Basketball Developmental Team were selected to represent us. Read More »