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George Posts Photo Of Pacers At Hibbert’s Wedding With Hilarious Caption

Indiana Pacers (photo. Paul George Instagram)

This hasn’t exactly been an offseason to remember for the Indiana Pacers. They saw former team leader Danny Granger sign with an archrival, key young playmaker Lance Stephenson depart in free agency, and superstar Paul George suffer a devastating injury that left the entire league shaken. If any team is entitled to fun as training camp looms on September 30, it’s definitely the Pacers. And from the looks of things, they definitely had some this weekend at Roy Hibbert’s wedding. Read More »

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Watch Marcin Gortat Jam It On Ian Mahinmi

Marcin Gortat, Ian Mahinmi

The Indiana Pacers hosted the Washington Wizards again in Game 2 on Wednesday night, looking to get back on track in the series. In the first quarter, Marcin Gortat briefly deflated the Indy crowd with a huge rim-rocker. Gortat set the high screen for John Wall and rolled to the bucket. After receiving the bounce pass from Wall, Gortat demoralized Ian Mahinmi with an authoritative one-handed dunk and snarl. Read More »

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Video: Ian Mahinmi Rejects Jeff Teague At The Rim

Ian Mahinmi, Jeff Teague

Right before the half, Atlanta point guard Jeff Teague split two Pacers defenders and took to the air for what looked to be a pretty epic jam. Except Ian Mahinmi was having none of that, and snuffed him right at the rim before the second-quarter buzzer sounded. Read More »

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Mike Scott Posterizes Ian Mahinmi

Mike Scott, Iam Mahinmi

The Hawks fell in their attempt to close out the Pacers at Philips Arena Thursday night. David West hit some big buckets down the stretch and Lou Williams had a costly turnover for the Hawks in the final minute when the Hawks were trailing by two. Regardless, you gotta watch Mike Scott obliterate Ian Mahinmi with an ESPN Top 10 dunk late in the third. Read More »

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GIF: Comparison Of Pacers’ Centers Getting A Videobomb Shower

Ian Mahinmi, Roy Hibbert

The Pacers now sport a triumvirate of 7-footers after they signed Andrew Bynum. They already had backup Ian Mahinmi and starter, Roy Hibbert, but the two offer distinctive responses to Lance Stephenson‘s post-game tomfoolery. After Indy’s comfortable 118-98 Tuesday night win over the visiting Lakers, Stephenson had some videobomb fun at Mahinmi’s expense, pouring a bottle of water on his head as he attempted to conduct a court-side interview. It wasn’t the first time Stephenson has tried this videobomb tactic, but the results were better than his first attempt. Read More »

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LeBron’s 20 Best Dunks In The NBA

LeBron James

LeBron James (Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports)

This past Friday, I found myself removed from my seat following another towering slam by LeBron James when I came to the realization that the four-time MVP may be the best entertainer in the country at the moment. And if that didn’t convince me, all I had to do was watch the Heat on Christmas. Those two dunks he caught from Dwyane Wade? OMG. Read More »

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Brooklyn Has A Massive Meltdown Against The Lakers; Houston Scores 140 Points

Kobe Bryant

As much as we want to give credit to Kobe Bryant for icing the Lakers win in Brooklyn last night, L.A. should throw the Nets a bone. Brooklyn did everything they could outside of express mailing the W to Hollywood. Down the stretch, the Nets endured a couple of bad shots from Brook Lopez – one was an ugly airball – on poorly executed plays. Then, Gerald Wallace threw away an inbounds pass. Read More »

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Video: J.R. Smith Dunks All Over Ian Mahinmi and the Indiana Pacers

j.r. smith dunks on the pacers

Yep, another night, another wild J.R. Smith highlight. Watch what he did to Ian Mahinmi last night when the big man tried to get in his way on a drive to the tin: Read More »

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Wes Matthews Puts The Final Nail In Miami’s Coffin; Paul George And Indiana Shut Down New York

Wesley Matthews

Portland fell into a lull for a quarter and a half — usually a death knell against a team like Miami — but still knocked off the Heat, 92-90, because they awoke twice at key moments to get back into position to stuff the champs at home. The first came to end the third quarter to slice into Miami’s 12-point lead, and then another finished the fourth. Read More »

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The Best NBA Photos Of The Day

Jordan Crawford

As Seth Rosenthal of the great Knicks blog Poasting and Toasting says: “Twitter has single-handedly made the NBA offseason much, much more tolerable. We used to just sit and wait for news while the Knicks were off doing whatever it is they do during the summer. Now, the players report on their own activities and we get a pretty regular window into their offseason activities.”

This was proved true last week, when we brought you DeShawn Stevenson‘s kitchen ATM which may be topped this week by either Jordan Crawford, JaVale Mcgee or Ian Mahinimi. Read More »