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NBA, Smack / Mar 27, 2014 / 2:30 pm

LeBron Claims Only “Kung-Fu Master” Could Purposely Elbow Roy Hibbert

LeBron James, Roy Hibbert

LeBron James, Roy Hibbert (Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports)

The Pacers-Heat game last night was appropriately referred to as a blood bath by most media members. It wasn’t just Lance Stephenson and Dwyane Wade that got into it, either. LeBron James was whistled for a flagrant foul 1 after his elbow knocked Roy Hibbert woozy during a drive in the fourth quarter. LeBron claimed he “must be a kung-fu master” if he did so intentionally. Read More »

NBA / Feb 5, 2014 / 4:15 pm

What is Andrew Bynum’s “Ninja Workout?”

Carlos Boozer, Andrew Bynum

Carlos Boozer, Andrew Bynum (David Banks/USA TODAY Sports)

Former NBA player-turned assistant coach, Darvin Ham, spoke with the Indianapolis Star‘s Candace Bucker about the newest Pacer, Andrew Bynum. After training with Bynum during his lone All-Star season in 2011-12 with the Lakers, Ham disagreed with the popular consensus and said that Bynum is “not a disruptive guy.” But that’s not even close to the best thing Ham mentioned. Apparently, Bynum is quite skilled at esoteric “ninja workouts.” Read More »

NBA / Feb 12, 2013 / 5:25 pm

Indiana’s Danny Granger Could Return By Wednesday Night

Danny Granger

When Danny Granger was injured from patellar tendinitis early in this season, Indiana looked to be in trouble. Since then, and without Granger, the Pacers are comfortably in the top half of the Eastern Conference owing to the NBA’s best defense per 100 possessions. The team’s offense may get a boost soon, with Granger close to returning to game action. Read More »