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Latest News / Mar 25, 2014 / 1:15 am

Report: Shaq Under Investigation For Alleged Assault At TNT Studios

Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley Barkley, Karl Malone (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley Barkley, Karl Malone (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

WSB-TV in Atlanta reports Shaquille O’Neal is under investigation for an alleged assault at the TNT Studios where “Inside the NBA” is filmed. O’Neal’s lawyer claims the two were engaged in “horseplay” and no charges have been filed while police work the claim. Read More »

NBA, Smack / Jan 20, 2014 / 3:30 pm

Charles Barkley On His Era Vs Present Day: “We’d Kill These Little Girly Teams They’ve Got Today”

Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley

Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley (Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports)

Recently, TNT “Inside the NBA” commentator and Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley sat down with Maxim.com to discuss the state of the NBA today, and compare it with his era in the mid-80s to the late 90s. Chuck didn’t hold back, as is his custom, and described today’s teams as “girly” in comparison to today’s squads. Read More »

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Chris Webber Wins Controversial Inside The NBA “Chariots Of BackFire” Race

Chris Webber, Kenny Smith

There were so many things to love about the Inside the NBA “Chariots of BackFire” Race last night on TNT. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber all lined up for a football field-sized jaunt that started — and ended — with some disputes we’re sure will continue to be debated by the TNT crew in the weeks and months ahead. Read More »

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Watch Shaq Slip & Crash To The Floor On “Inside The NBA”

Shaq Inside the NBA

Things got flipped up a little bit on TNT’s esteemed “Inside the NBA” tonight. Rather than Charles Barkley in the studio, it was Chris Webber joining Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. Chuck joined Marv Albert and Steve Kerr court-side to call the game. Read More »

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Charles Barkley Discusses The Use Of The N-Word & Blake Griffin

Charles Barkley

During halftime of TNT’s Knicks-Rockets game, Inside the NBA‘s Charles Barkley rhapsodized about the use the N-word by black and white friends, and how it was still inappropriate for Matt Barnes to use the word in his controversial tweet last night. Then the popular TNT mouthpiece addressed Blake Griffin. Read More »

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Shaq & Chris Andersen Sing A Birdman Song Together With Kenny Smith Beatboxing

Chris Andersen

In Miami’s crazy Game 1 win last night, Chris Andersen must’ve been the unsung hero. He went for 16 points and didn’t miss a shot from the floor, hanging all over the rim whenever the Pacers forgot about him. Afterward, he was invited up to the TNT set and got involved in a funny interview with the guys. The best part about this whole segment is you know Birdman was PISSED when they said he had to wear the headphones and screw up his immaculate mohawk. Read More »

Video / May 16, 2012 / 10:30 am

Video: Shaq & Charles Barkley Have A Shirt-Off To Decide Who’s Fatter

Shaquille O'Neal

I don’t know the exact statistics, but I’m betting most of the fans who tuned into “Inside The NBA” to see the scheduled shirt-off last night between Shaq and Charles Barkley were macho tough guys. That doesn’t quite make sense. This was funny though, mostly because it’s hard to imagine these guys used to be unreal athletes (even though Shaq is in pretty good shape). Hopefully this is a wake-up call to some people because as Chuck says so eloquently, “There’s too many fat asses out there.” Read More »