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A Dime Guide: Which Basketball Position Is For Me?

James Naismith

Basketball used to be simple. Back when James Naismith invented the sport in 1891, the game looked very different. Players didn’t dribble. There were no three-pointers. Here’s the craziest part of all: there weren’t even positions. Teams had this weird idea that they could just play their five best players.

Nowadays everyone has a position. Expectant fathers stare at ultrasound pictures trying to figure out if their child will be a post player like daddy. Even the chubby 40-year-old guy at the park freaks out when you tell him to give up the ball because he can’t dribble. Read More »

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The Moment The Game Changed

The Moment The Game Changed

While James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, if I had to pinpoint the exact moment that the game changed it would have to be October 26th, 1984 – the day that Michael Jordan‘s NBA career began.

Celebrating this momentous occasion, Mitchell & Ness has put together 1,264 commemorative boxes (one for each regular season, playoff and All-Star game of MJ’s career) with exact replicas of the jersey that Jordan wore his rookie season. Read More »