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Video: Watch Jason Williams Dazzle At The Orlando Pro Am


We saw Chandler Parsons dominating in Orlando’s Summer Pro Am this past week, and he’s back in this Orlando Pro Am mixtape with Courtney Lee, Austin Rivers, Nick Calathes, Marquis Daniels and more. But it’s the retired Jason Williams who really shines brightest with handle that’s still directly touched by God. Read More »

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Video: Ballhandling Legend Jason Williams Recently Threw One Of The Best Passes You’ll Ever See

Jason Williams

Don’t do it to them like this, J-Will. Earlier this summer, we showed you nearly two minutes of 37-year-old ballhanding legend Jason Williams destroying and embarrassing defenders during a USA Legends Tour in China. He was breaking out the elbow pass, the crossover and a few other sick tricks. But this new video includes one of the best passes you’ll ever see from him. One of the kings of handle is still doing it like it’s 1999… Read More »

NBA / Jul 30, 2013 / 1:45 pm

20 NBA Players With The Deepest Shooting Range Of All Time

Dirk Nowitzki

Since the 1979-80 NBA season, the three-point line has been a part of the game. From that year on players have attempted the long range shot to earn an extra point. Through the years, there have been a few that were able to knock it down more consistently than others, and these players earned cliche nicknames like sharpshooter, knockdown shooter and zone buster. Read More »

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Here Are Nearly 2 Minutes Of 37-Year-Old Jason Williams Still Embarrassing Defenders

Jason Williams

Last week, video surfaced of legendary ballhandler Jason Williams pulling out the infamous elbow pass during a game on a USA Legends Tour in China. That was amazing… but this is even better. White Chocolate might be 37 years old now, but the dude still has the ball on a string. Read More »

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Jason Williams Unleashes The Infamous Elbow Pass During A 2013 Tour In China

Jason Williams

Even though he can’t withstand the wear and tear of a NBA season anymore, Jason Williams is still one of the greatest ballhandlers ever. Currently, he’s hooping on a USA Legends Tour in China, where he’s still breaking down and embarrassing defenders. Recently, he busted out the infamous elbow pass during a sick coast-to-coast foray. Remember, this isn’t the first time he’s done this on a tour in China. Read More »

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The Answer, White Chocolate & The 20 Best Crossovers In NBA History

Allen Iverson

We’ll call this the list Gary McGhee loves to hate…

I’ve been on both sides of the coin before. It’s the embarrassing times you remember. One in particular stands out for me. College. Sophomore year. Preseason. Every fall semester at a D-III college is always the same: there are the returning players and then there are dozens of kids from high school, all coming together and all believing they’ll be one of the three or four kids who actually make the team. They all have some game and they’re all cocky. Read More »

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Bidding Basketball: How To Be A Superfan In The Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors

The 2012-13 NBA regular season is finally upon us. For fans, this means it’s time to re-up on your team’s merchandise. Anyone can go to the nearest sporting goods store and pick up a brand new jersey or hat, but what about the unique collectibles that separate the dyed-in-the-wool fan from the bandwagon supporter? These can be found on eBay. In the days leading up to, and after, NBA tip-off, Bidding Basketball will scavenge the online auction site’s “infinite inventory of NBA junk” for rare, memorable and/or quirky basketball memorabilia from every team around the league. Read More »

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Dwight Howard Gets Dissed Again By Shaq; Memphis Adds Star Power

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has been egged on so much in the last year we could see a mean streak like never before from him, and that’s saying something. We’re not dismissing the fact almost ALL of this has been self-inflicted damage on his part, but he’s seen hate like few others in NBA history. The latest chapter should inspire him to get healthy and get into a Laker game uniform faster than ever — and we think we know the target of his rage already. Read More »

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The Top 10 Ballhandlers Since 2000

Steve Nash

In the new issue of Dime Magazine, we took a look at the best – and worst – the game has offered since the turn of the century. From the players to jerseys to sneakers to teams to even trends, you can relive the past 12 years by scooping up the new issue currently on newsstands nationwide. In those pages, you’ll find the following feature… Read More »

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Video: Jason Williams Revives the Elbow Pass

Jason Williams

Whenever we rate the best ballhandlers in the league, I’m saddened by the absence of Jason Williams because he really had the best handle out of anyone I’ve ever seen. And so it’s not really a surprise to see that he recently pulled out the off-the-elbow pass again, this time to Scottie Pippen in an alumni game overseas. Readers here probably know I’m one of the biggest J-Will fans you’ll ever meet; I was super hyped seeing this. Go to 12:30 on the second video for another look. Read More »