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NBA / Jan 22, 2014 / 1:15 pm

Life On “Celebrity Row” At Knicks Games (Photos)

Tom Hanks, Christopher McDonald, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis

The New York Times recently published an extensive piece about what it’s like behind-the-scenes for celebrities at Madison Square Garden. There’s sometimes pushback on the I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine ethos — like Woody Allen, Suite 200 and fickle owner, James Dolan — but the opulent treatment is a complicated algorithm involving what connotes A-List vs. the lower-tiered celebrities. The whole system is fascinating. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Dec 4, 2013 / 2:15 pm

90 NBA Players Reveal Their Favorite Pregame Music


Go into any locker room in the NBA… actually, go into any locker room in the country and you’ll hear some Meek Mill. Some Jigga. Some Drake. Music and basketball. The NBA and hip-hop. It all goes together. Read More »

Video / Nov 21, 2013 / 11:02 pm

OKC Fan Hits Half-Court Shot For $20,000; Congratulated By Jay Z

In the second time in as many games, an OKC fan hit a half-court shot and was awarded $20,000. Except this time, the fan got a special congratulations from HOVA himself, Jay Z, who was sitting court-side with his wife, Beyonce. We’re not sure what he was more excited about. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Nov 20, 2013 / 5:00 pm

The 50 Greatest Basketball References In Hip-Hop History


A wise man once said “I swear sports and music are so synonymous ’cause we want to be them, and they want to be us.” There is a lot of truth in that quote, especially considering the influence the game basketball has had on the lyrics of our favorite hip hop artists. Emcees since the beginning of time have been referencing the NBA in their music. From Kurtis Blow to Jay-Z, the game of basketball and the rap game are inextricably linked. Read More »

Video / Nov 14, 2013 / 3:00 pm

Video: Michael Jordan Playing Beer Pong To The “Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6″ Lyrics

Michael Jordan Beer Pong

Michael Jordan (photo. imgur)

So photos recently surfaced of Michael Jordan playing beer pong. That was awesome enough seeing the GOAT party with some sick Concord XI Lows. Then today, TMZ revealed video of the event where MJ isn’t just playing, he’s jamming to Jay Z‘s infamous “Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6″ lyrics. This is amazing. Read More »

NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Nov 1, 2013 / 4:15 pm

The Ultimate 15-Track Basketball Warm-Up Playlist


There aren’t many things more powerful than LeBron James going full speed to the rack on a fast break, but music is one of them. Music plays an integral part in a player’s mindset before he steps onto the hardwood. Look into an NBA locker room before a game; all you will see is a bunch of Dre Beats with music blaring in them. Read More »

NBA, Smack / Oct 24, 2013 / 4:30 pm

15 NBA Players Who Remind Us Of Rappers


If there’s any genre of music that relates directly to the sport of basketball, it’s hip-hop. Like hip-hop, basketball is predominantly ruled by African-Americans, its legends often come from having nothing before eventually reaching superstardom, and it’s most popular in the inner cities of America. And just like rappers, there are great NBA players, bad ones, overrated ones, underrated ones, controversial ones, and plenty of others. Read More »

NBA / Oct 22, 2013 / 1:00 pm

6 NBA Contenders That Should Have Jay-Z Anthems This Season


As the season approaches, and it’s ever so close now, some teams –- or more accurately their marketing department –- might be putting together the theme song that’ll encompass the mission of their season. Odds are political correctness or merchandizing rights will play a factor, so your humble columnist (Humble? Good one) has thrown in his own suggestions. Here’s a Jay-Z anthem, for six key teams. Read More »

Smack / Sep 15, 2013 / 11:26 pm

Beyonce & Jay-Z Perform At LeBron’s Wedding

LeBron James

It must be fun being a celebrity. Beyonce and Jay-Z, hip-hop’s power couple, turned in a performance this weekend as LeBron James married Savannah Brinson, according to Radar Online. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Sep 4, 2013 / 10:00 am

Jay-Z Sells Nets Share To Coach Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd

The Nets ownership stake Jay-Z bought in for was largely ceremonial. It’s not that .067 percent of the new Brooklyn Nets wasn’t expensive, it cost 500K, it’s that it was dwarfed by the Russian tycoon, Mikhail Prokhorov and the 80 percent majority share he bought in 2008. Now Jay’s fractional ownership stake has passed on to the coach of the team, Jason Kidd. The New York Post reports that HOVA sold his stake to Kidd, conflict of interest be damned. Read More »