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Smack / Jan 5, 2013 / 3:56 am

Chris Paul Holds Off Kobe In An Instant L.A. Classic; Kyrie Irving Has Ice In His Veins

Chris Paul

We were going to write about how seldom games truly live up to the hype but then we had a thought – has there been a Clippers-Lakers game since Chris Paul‘s vetoed trade that hasn’t been satisfying? There have only been five between these two since Paul became a Clipper but each has come with its own story lines, plot twists and huge performances, and Friday night’s game, a Clippers 107-102 win, was no different (shh, but we think it may have been the best, actually). When all seemed lost for the Lakers and they were down 19 points, Kobe Bryant got them within two as part of his 38 points. Read More »