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Smack / Jul 27, 2012 / 1:03 am

The NBA Schedule Is Unveiled; A Tragic Shooting Takes Recruit’s Life

Miami Heat

Well would you look at that, the NBA schedule is released and Christmas in July has officially arrived. Seriously, after last summer’s lockout deprived us of knowing about all 1,230 games the regular season has in store this has been a long time coming. Sure, we knew about how Miami would play Boston in the Ray Allen Bowl on opening night. Now we get the whole platter, and it includes Mavs/Lakers and Wizards/Cavs also on Oct. 30 to bookend the champions’ start. Read More »

Smack / Dec 21, 2011 / 1:45 am

Chicago Locks Down Derrick Rose; Ray Allen Calls Out David West

Derrick Rose

Well Derrick Rose had a nice day. He got paid and became a made man in Chicago if he wasn’t already one. Then in the capper, he methodically picked apart everyone’s Eastern Conference sleeper, Indiana, in Chicago’s 93-85 win. We felt like it was April and we were back in the first round of the playoffs again. Rose (12 points, nine assists) was destroying Darren Collison (1-for-7, six points), Psycho T was doing his bowling ball routine (24 points, 13 rebounds) and the Bulls’ defense was more suffocating than an only child’s mother, holding Indiana to 36 percent from the field. Read More »

College / Aug 6, 2010 / 10:00 am

NCAA Preview: Most Valuable Players in the Pac-10

This will be the last year of the Pac-10 as you know it. The tradition-rich (albeit often overlooked) West Coast staple is expanding, adding Colorado and Utah to the mix. The Utes will join in the 2011-12 academic year, while the Buffaloes will complete the “Pac-12″ the following year.

In the meantime, the Pac-10 is looking to rebound from what was at best a down year in basketball, and at worst an all-out disaster. Read More »

Smack / Jul 6, 2010 / 12:09 am

Kings of New York: Amar’e, Lance Stephenson own the day

Born Ready

Best-case scenario: Amar’e Stoudemire is for the Knicks what Patrick Ewing used to be, a dominant interior force who can carry a slumping franchise back to its glory days. (Even better “best-case” is if he convinces LeBron or Carmelo to join him.) Worst-case: Amar’e is the next Allan Houston, New York’s $100 million letdown who will be remembered for effectively putting the ball in the bucket and not much else … Amar’e made the first real big free-agency splash of the summer yesterday, agreeing to a five-year, $100 million deal with the Knicks — putting NY back on the map and leaving Phoenix scrambling for a replacement if they want to keep contending for a championship. Read More »

College, NBA, NBA Draft / Jun 25, 2010 / 10:30 am

Top 5 Undrafted Players From The NBA Draft

Sherron Collins

John Starks. Brad Miller. Ben Wallace. The underdog. The come-up. That’s what this article is about, pinpointing those guys who are overlooked and passed over. Those three guys I mentioned above were all undrafted and all of them became All-Stars. For many, Draft Night is about celebration and security. But, others have to deal with the unknown. Here are the top five players from this year’s class who didn’t heard their name called: Read More »

College / Mar 17, 2010 / 6:42 pm

4 Things That Will (But Probably Won’t) Happen this week in March Madness

Villanova's Scottie Reynolds

Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone out there! I figured today would be the perfect day to post my first assessment of this year’s Tournament field, and for three reasons: (1) because people will be drunk enough to actually read what I am about to write, (2) because when I don’t get enough comments I can blame it on you people being too drunk to type, and (3) because if any of what you’re about to read turns out to be completely wrong, I can blame it on myself being drunk. Which I’m not, or am I… Read More »

College / Mar 15, 2010 / 11:15 am

NCAA Tournament Players To Watch: South Region

Purdue's E'twaun Moore

Earlier this morning we gave you four Players to Watch in the Midwest region. Here are four more from the South…

*** *** ***

E’TWAUN MOORE, Purdue, SG, Jr. The Boilermakers don’t need to look hard for motivation. Pretty much everybody wrote them off when star forward Robbie Hummel went down with a season-ending knee injury in late-February, and the remaining stragglers signed Purdue’s death certificate after Minnesota ran through them in the Big Ten tournament. If anybody is going to cover for Hummel’s absence, it’s Moore (16.6 ppg). Read More »

College / Mar 8, 2010 / 2:49 pm

5 Things to Watch for during the Pac-10 Tournament

UW's Abdul Gaddy

It’s Championship Week in college basketball, otherwise known as the week of tournaments before THE Tournament. And honestly, it seems this year people only really care about two conference tourneys: the Big East and the Big 12 … and maybe the ACC based on history and hype.

This week we’ll be previewing those anticipated conference tournaments. But for now I’m doing the Pac-10, because that’s the one I know best, because I don’t want the Left Coast to get overlooked again, and, well, because I can. Read More »

College / Dec 3, 2009 / 12:00 pm

Nic Wise Is The Best Pure Point Guard in the Pac-10

Nic Wise

With a 74-72 double overtime loss to UNLV last night – setting its record at 3-3 – it’s an understatement to say that Arizona is not run by flash and big names this year. With Lute Olson thrice removed and the Encinitas Enigma, (coined by yours truly; shirt orders to my Twitter…) Chase Budinger, and Jordan “Coach’s Decision” Hill both gone to the pros, the ‘Cats aren’t the national draw they once were. Add into the mix a Pac-10 conference that is seeing its lowest production in years and an influx of untested youth, and you have a recipe for bland, mistake-riddled basketball. In a region dominated largely by guard play, most of the attention has surrounded Cal’s Jerome Randle and Washington’s Isaiah Thomas – and deservedly so.

Someone forgot to relay the message to ‘Zona’s Nic Wise. Read More »

College, NBA / Nov 26, 2009 / 10:00 am

One year late, Darren Collison schools Brandon Jennings

Darren Collison

As much as I applauded Brandon Jennings for thinking outside the box, taking a risk and playing pro ball in Europe before coming to the NBA, the Pac-10 fan in me was kind of hating that I wouldn’t get to see “Young Money” rip it up for a year at Arizona.

The 12th-seeded ‘Zona squad that made an unexpected run to the Sweet Sixteen last spring would have been a national title contender with Jennings distributing the rock to Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger and Nic Wise. He might have been reason enough for Lute Olson not to retire. Read More »