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Smack / Aug 7, 2012 / 9:45 pm

Hawks Want Dwight Howard; Avery Bradley Calls Ray Allen A “Great Tutor”

Dwight Howard

For the first time since perhaps the days of the Human Highlight Film, people soon might actually want to go to Atlanta and check out the Hawks. The basketball team, stuck in the longest “decent but never good enough to scare anyone” mode of any NBA team, possibly ever, is apparently going to go after Dwight Howard if he becomes available as a free agent next summer. Since Howard can’t make up his mind and new Orlando GM Rob Hennigan struggles with the idea behind the word “trade,” the chances Howard plays out the year in Disney World, the Magic have the most dysfunctional NBA season we’ve ever seen, Dwight beats up three or four different Disney characters and ends up FINALLY leaving next summer are looking stronger than ever. Read More »

NBA / Feb 23, 2011 / 1:00 pm

Prokhorov Gets The Last Laugh

Since taking over as owner of the Nets back in May, Mikhail Prokhorov has desperately tried to make the team relevant. He flew in his private jet to recruit LeBron James this summer, had dinner with Carmelo Anthony at All-Star Weekend and put up his “Blueprint for Greatness” billboard across the street from Madison Square Garden. Up until today, all those attempts had failed to come across as anything more than excessive bravado that wasn’t paying off. No stars came (or wanted to come) to New Jersey, but now Prokhorov has finally followed through, and at least made the Nets worth talking about again with the acquisition of Deron Williams. Read More »

NBA / Dec 28, 2009 / 9:00 am

What I Learned from the NBA last Week

LeBron James

Working at Dime Magazine, a ton of headlines, news and opinions pass through our website each week. Everyday a new story breaks and we change our focus to the next game on the schedule. Before this week gets started, I’ll take the time to reflect on what the NBA taught me last week. Read More »