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Smack / Jul 2, 2012 / 1:00 am

The Omer Asik Sweepstakes Take Over; CP3 Gets An Offer He Can Refuse

Omer Asik Blocks Dwyane Wade At The Rim, Comes Back Bloodied

Most of the buzz since free agency hit at midnight was about, surprisingly, Omer Asik. He was courted by the Trail Blazers but ultimately has signed an offer sheet with Houston, one the Bulls now can match. The deal is for three years and $25 million, with about $12 million of that likely to come in the third year. Before you scoff, he can rebound like few others — only six guys in the league had a 25 percent defensive rebounding rate and 12 percent on offense, SI’s Zach Lowe tweeted out. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Oct 10, 2011 / 11:00 am

NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The New Jersey Nets

Deron Williams

The New Jersey Nets really don’t offer that much from a fantasy perspective. While they have two prominent fantasy assets, the problem is that one is a point guard whose wrist may require a dose of caution, and the other is a big man who seems to have something of an allergy to rebounds. The team’s activities during the next window of free agency will ultimately determine its appeal – and the possibility for Kardashian jokes. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Jan 10, 2011 / 1:15 pm

NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo and Chauncey to New Jersey, three different scenarios

Carmelo Anthony

For whatever reason, Jan. 10 has become the day it seems Carmelo Anthony HAS to be traded. As a result, the rumors are coming out of Denver faster than J.R. Smith can get “Peace Out ‘Melo” tattooed on the three inches of space he has left on his collarbone.

While the particulars vary from report to report, almost everyone is saying there is a three-team deal between the Nuggets, Nets and Pistons that is close to being confirmed by all sides. That would send ‘Melo to New Jersey along with Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton, with Devin Harris (Nuggets) and Derrick Favors (Nuggets) among the others prominently involved. The only differences lie in the details involving other players and picks Read More »

NBA / Jul 12, 2010 / 3:45 pm

The Nets Aren’t As Big Of A Free Agency Loser As You May Think

As a Nets fan I really thought this would be the summer of change. I thought with Mikhail Prokhorov and his 22-story high “Blueprint of Greatness” billboard, this would be the summer the Nets made a big splash. Maybe, just maybe, LeBron would play for us, but if not, at least Amar’e Stoudemire or Rudy Gay. As it turned out, the combination of a 12-win season, two years in Newark, and Rod Thorn‘s imminent departure made the Nets less appealing than I thought they were. Read More »

Smack / Apr 29, 2010 / 5:04 am

Bucks one win away from an upset; Nuggets avoid elimination

Brandon Jennings

These games don’t count toward the voting, so all Brandon Jennings is doing is making the Rookie of the Year argument even more heated for no reason. And last night was his best overall playoff performance yet. With the Bucks looking for their first W on the road, Young Money was going ham on the Hawks, scoring 12 straight points during one stretch in the first quarter and finishing with 25 points (8-20 FG) as Milwaukee went up 3-2 in the series … Jennings’ early run included deep threes and off-balance bankers over ATL’s big men. Read More »

NBA / Aug 11, 2009 / 11:50 am

The Nuggets Better Hope Everyone Stays Healthy

Carmelo Anthony

Without a doubt, the Nuggets were one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA last season. Perhaps it’s because Chris “Birdman” Andersen could potentially be my favorite player, or the fact that on any given night J.R. Smith could drop 50. But after they lost Linas Kleiza for nothing yesterday, Nuggets fans should start to get worried. Read More »