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NBA / Sep 3, 2010 / 8:00 pm

The Best Of The Rest: NBA Training Camp Invites

J.R. Giddens (photo. Matt Brown)

In perhaps the biggest summer of free agent signings ever, there are still a bunch of guys on the outside looking in. If you’ve been following along with Dime’s 2010 NBA Free Agent Tracker, then you realize just who these guys are. But with September upon us, it’s either one more shot at the League or overseas for many of these guys. With that said, here’s an update on some guys who just got invited to training camp. Read More »

Ink, NBA / Aug 23, 2010 / 4:00 pm

Dime Exclusive: NBA’s Best New Ink

J.R. Giddens

You may remember seeing J.R. Giddens and his ink featured in Dime #46 right after he came into the League. But this summer, where Giddens finds himself currently without a team, he decided to get some new ink for inspiration. Check out the “Underdog’s Underdog,” brought to you by L.A.’s Adam Daniel of 264 Customs. Check out these pictures exclusive to Dime in greater detail after the jump. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, Latest News, NBA / Feb 18, 2010 / 6:55 pm

Fantasy Analysis: T-Mac to NYC, Nate to Boston, Tyrus to Charlotte and More

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady is finally a Knick, Nate Robinson is a Celtic and Tyrus Thomas has transformed from a sulky Bull into a brooding Bobcat. There were also a few odds and ends to note as the trade deadline passed, and it’s clear that fantasy owners have some work to do if they want to sort through the debris to separate the gems from the rubble. Let’s take a look at the notable fantasy implications. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Feb 18, 2010 / 3:17 pm

Done Deal: Nate Robinson To Boston In 5-Player Deal

Nate Robinson

The Nate Robinson saga is finally complete. After differing reports for the past two days, Newsday‘s Alan Hahn says that the trade is official: Robinson and Marcus Landry for Eddie House, J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker. Read More »

NBA / Feb 18, 2010 / 12:24 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: Nate Robinson To Boston In 5-Player Deal (Updated)

Nate Robinson

While yesterday’s Nate Robinson to Boston scenario seemed like it was going to be straight up for Eddie House and a second round pick, ESPN.com’s Chris Sheridan is reporting that the Knicks have reached a tentative agreement on a deal that would send Robinson and a second player to the Celtics for House, J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker. The identity of the second New York player was not immediately clear. Read More »

NBA / Feb 17, 2010 / 7:30 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: The Knicks Clear Even More Cap Space For LeBron & Co.

LeBron James

If most NBA teams don’t want to see LeBron James end up in New York, then they should stop making trades that allow them to do just that and steal another marquee free agent along the way. According to ESPN.com’s Chad Ford, the Knicks have a deal in principle that would send Darko Milicic to the Timberwolves for Brian Cardinal, with a trade call scheduled for Thursday morning. Read More »

NBA / Oct 19, 2009 / 11:23 am

NBA’s Sophomore Slumps and Surprises

2008 NBA Draft

There’s no question that the class of 2008 is front-loaded with talent. And now that the rookie jitters are gone and contract extensions are in sight, how will they fare after a year in the League under their belts? The reality is, a case can be made for almost 30 guys to be on this list in some way. For instance, where do Danilo Gallinari and Roy Hibbert go with such strong coach-backing? It’s still too early to close the book on any of these guys, but so far here are my predictions. Read More »

NBA / Jul 22, 2009 / 6:55 pm

The Celtics Tried To Trade Big Baby For Jason Maxiell

Glen Big Baby Davis

While word surfaced this week that the Nets were among the teams interested in Glen Davis, one interesting trade proposal came to light: Davis, J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruitt to the Pistons for Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick. Read More »

NBA / Jul 20, 2009 / 11:19 am

All The Celtics Have To Do Now Is Re-Sign Big Baby

Glen Big Baby Davis

While this offseason continues to show the NBA’s rich getting richer, there are still a few loose ends to attend to. Perhaps I’m just getting greedy after acquiring Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels, but if the Celtics definitely want to make good on Kevin Garnett‘s back-to-back promise, they have to ink a deal with Big Baby. Read More »

NBA / Jun 9, 2009 / 10:57 am

NBA Draft Trade Rumor: Celtics Trade Up To #2

Ricky Rubio, '08 Olympics

Ricky Rubio is coming to the U.S. within the next couple of days to work out for the top lottery teams. Maybe the Celtics should get him up to Beantown for a private workout too. Though they don’t have a first-round pick to offer, there are rumblings that Boston is considering a Draft-changing trade into the No. 2 spot.

There aren’t any precise details on Boston’s rumored offer to Memphis right now, but they’d have to put up some established player to make this deal work. How far would they be willing to go? Read More »