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Smack / Oct 12, 2010 / 3:31 am

Don’t Write the Cavs Off Yet

Daniel Gibson

On Christoper Columbus’ holiday, we discovered that the Cleveland Cavaliers might not be as bad as we thought. Again, we know, It’s Just The Preseason, but the Cavs are still 3-1 (without their new go-to player) after last night, their second road in a back-to-back against projected Western Conference playoff teams (Houston and Dallas). Boobie Gibson scored 15 to lead a Cleveland squad that, at the very least, it’s going to just roll over voluntarily and die without LeBron. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Feb 18, 2010 / 1:36 pm

Breaking News: T-Mac To New York, K-Mart To Houston, Landry To Sacramento (Updated)

Tracy McGrady

So much for the Knicks not being able to land Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract, according to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, the Rockets, Kings and Knicks have agreed to terms that will expand the Houston-Sacramento deal into a three-way trade that lands Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez in New York, Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and Hilton Armstrong in Houston and Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes in Sacramento. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Feb 18, 2010 / 10:45 am

Fantasy Analysis: Jamison, T-Mac, K-Mart, Salmons and Darko

Kevin Martin

The Cavs are locked and loaded for a solid run at the championship, a disgruntled former superstar finds a new home (and maybe another one before the day’s up), the Bulls are in an even better position to make a splash this summer and a perennial lump of dead weight now finds himself with 10,000 lakes to drown in. That pretty much sums up all the NBA trade action from Wednesday night into Thursday morning, in what has shaped up to be a trade season that has lived up to expectations so far. Here’s a quick rundown of the fantasy implications. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Feb 2, 2010 / 11:15 am

This Trade Has To Happen: Ray Allen For Kevin Martin & Andres Nocioni

Ray Allen

I’m sorry Celtics fans, but the Big Three as we know it could soon be coming to an end. Sure it will be incredibly hard – if not downright impossible – to replace the Hall of Fame trio of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, but a new day in Boston is upon us. And finding a new player to complete a trio that includes Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins has to be priority No. 1. In order to make this happen, the following trade has to go down: Ray Allen for Kevin Martin and Andres Nocioni. Read More »

Hit List / Nov 30, 2009 / 8:00 am

NBA Hit List power ranking, 11.30

'Melo covers Dime #53

Ranking the League from worst to first…

30. New Jersey Nets (0-17) — Can we just give Chris Douglas-Roberts (16.4 ppg) the Most Improved Player award out of pity? The kid only lost 10 games total in three years of college, and now he’s dealing with this.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves (2-15) — Once they get Kevin Love back, they’ll have a real good shot at winning 11 or even 12 games this year. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Nov 16, 2009 / 10:30 am

NBA Trade Rumor: Emeka Okafor to the Kings

Emeka Okafor

It’s safe to say that things are bad in New Orleans. Byron Scott is gone, Chris Paul is hurt and now their big free agent acquisition of the summer is already the subject of trade rumors. According to Sam Amick of The Sacramento Bee, a source with knowledge of the situation says the Kings are discussing a trade with the Hornets that would send veteran Kenny Thomas (and his $8,553,125 expiring contract) to the Hornets and in exchange for Emeka Okafor. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Nov 10, 2009 / 9:00 am

Do the Right Thing: The one Allen Iverson trade that makes sense

Allen Iverson

Allow me to shed a silver lining of optimism on the Allen Iverson doomsday parade. If it’s true that the Iverson/Memphis relationship is deteriorating fast with no reunion in sight, there is one sensible solution that can take place as soon as A.I. is eligible for a trade in mid-December.

There is one trade that can work, one fan base that would accept Iverson with (somewhat) open arms, one team that could slide him right into the starting lineup AND win some games in the process, one place where Iverson can work to rebuild his reputation and maybe even have a future beyond this season. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Aug 13, 2009 / 2:00 pm

NBA’s Top 15 Expiring Contracts

Larry Hughes

Knowing that teams are banking on spending bank next summer, there are certain players that help make everything fall into place, and those players are guys with expiring contracts. Teams that want cap space trade for them, and teams that have them know that they can trade them for pieces to fill out their roster. While this list could include every 2010 free agent, I’m sticking with guys that are more valuable as contracts than on the court. Realizing this, here are the top 15 expiring contracts this season: Read More »

NBA / Jul 2, 2009 / 3:48 pm

Kings: Building around Tyreke, K-Mart and the young bigs

Kevin Martin

Although the ’09 NBA free agent class isn’t as stacked as in years past — not to mention the League is being more thrifty than ever due to the slumping economy — teams still have holes they want to plug, and players have moves they want to make. Here, we break down all 30 NBA teams’ free agent strategy… Read More »