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High School, NBA, NBA Draft / Nov 29, 2011 / 12:00 pm

The Single Biggest Myth About The NBA Draft Age Rule

Amar'e Stoudemire

So they think they need a committee to study this stuff huh? It shouldn’t take a genius or even a formulation of a number of basketball minds to figure this one out, but as Yahoo! Sports is reporting, the NBA and the Player’s Association are discussing whether to form a committee to study the age minimum for the NBA draft with “the possibility that no immediate changes to the ‘one-and-done’ rule will come in the finalization of the new collective bargaining agreement.”

Good. Maybe they’ll finally discover what I’ve been saying all along. Read More »

NBA / Jul 16, 2010 / 1:06 pm

“I got a kid who’s 15, he’s gonna be the next Jordan.”

Smush Parker

This morning on the subway I was reading Best American Sports Writing‘s 1998 edition, in particular a Sports Illustrated piece by Rick Telander about New York City playground ball. Telander, as you know, wrote the iconic Heaven is a Playground back in 1974, and in this SI piece, was going back to NY to see how (or if) the playground game had changed.

In one scene, he’s talking to talent-finder Rodney Parker (R.I.P.), a central figure in Heaven who used to ball with Lenny Wilkens and had seen Dr. J and Wilt and all the legends who came through spots like Rucker Park and West 4th back in the day: Read More »

NBA / Apr 16, 2010 / 11:00 am

Dime Q&A: Dorell Wright talks Heat/Celtics and Twitter scandal

Dorell Wright

Dorell Wright has been one of the forgotten names of the NBA’s preps-to-pros era.

While the Miami Heat swingman hasn’t been an All-Star success like KG, Kobe or Dwight, he hasn’t been a bust like Korleone Young, Ndudi Ebi or Robert Swift, either. Drafted out of South Kent Prep (Conn.) with the 19th overall pick in ’04, Wright has flown under the radar with mixed results, winning a championship in his second year while alternately dealing with injuries and showing flashes of being a solid NBA starter the rest of the time. Read More »