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GIFs, NBA / Apr 1, 2014 / 10:30 am

Video: Taj Gibson Posterizes Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries, Taj Gibson

The Bulls beat down the Celtics on Monday night with Rajon Rondo providing color commentary and Benny the Bull bringing snacks. In the fourth quarter, as the Bulls were clamping down on the Celtics to limit them to just 10 fourth-quarter points, Taj Gibson put poor Kris Humphries on a poster. Read More »

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Watch Mason Plumlee Hammer On Kris Humphries

Mason Plumlee, Kris Humphries

You could see the play developing the moment Deron Williams curled around Mason Plumlee‘s pin-down screen. Plumlee released and inched baseline in perfect unison with D-Will, who caught the ball and threaded a touch pass in the pocket for the Plumlee – Kris Humphries showdown. Read More »

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Video: Anthony Davis Erupts For 40-20 Game In Overtime Win Over Boston

Anthony Davis, Kelly Olynyk

Anthony Davis was putting the finishing touches on a career-night with the Celtics in New Orleans on Sunday, but then Kris Humphries decided to play spoiler with 1.1 seconds remaining like he was crashing Kimye‘s wedding day. Davis had just scored what was supposed to be the game-winner before Humprhies answered and forced OT. It didn’t matter in the end, though, because The Brow is a force these days. Read More »

NBA / Jan 30, 2014 / 5:00 pm

6 Rebuilding NBA Teams That Could Takeover In The Future

Victor Oladipo, Damian Lillard

This NBA season, it seems some teams are in full tank mode. If you just take a look at the Eastern Conference standings alone, you will understand. This year’s NBA Draft prospects are the perfect cash crops for GMs and owners around the league who are looking to rebuild their teams. Read More »

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The 25 Biggest Fails Of The NBA Season

Pierre the Pelican

Pierre the Pelican (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

Monster dunks. Nothing-but-net threes. Alley-oops. All are wonderful moments we’ve witnessed so far this season. There have been plenty of good moments: KD‘s recent scoring outburst, ‘Melo‘s record-breaking game, and Greg Oden‘s return… none of which you’ll see on this list. This is dedicated to the bad and the ugly, the plays that left you thinking WTF was that, what were they thinking? This season has been one of the most competitive and fun seasons to watch in recent memory, but it’s only right we have some fun at the halfway point. Read More »

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Video: Kris Humphries Chase-Down Block On James Harden

Kris Humphries

Ever since Blake Griffin unleashed the fury of a thousand suns on Kris Humphries, we’ve been waiting for the dunk to crumble his psyche like it did Kendrick Perkins and, less-so, Timofey Mozgov. But the Kardashian ex is immune to embarrassment (perhaps this a prerequisite for being with a Kardashian), and Monday night, he showed his commercial partner, James Harden, not to forget about him on the break. Read More »

NBA / Jan 13, 2014 / 5:00 pm

The NBA’s 30 Biggest Unsung Heroes

Andray Blatche

Behind every great team, the superstars and the dynasties, are the guys that the average fans don’t know about. Regardless of the amount of talent at the top of the roster, coaches are forced to look for production from role players on a nightly basis. While the average fan may not realize these players exist, their impact, while consistently failing to show up in the box scores, is not disregarded by teammates or coaches. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Jan 13, 2014 / 1:45 pm

Fantasy Basketball: The Week’s 3 Best Pickups (1.13)

J.J. Redick

Basketball demands we break down its players not just by stats, but by the time and place they occur. That’s not the case in NBA fantasy hoops, though, where cold calculations rule the day and the matchup. Who are the Fantasy Doctor’s choices for this week’s best pickups? Hit the jump to find out. Read More »

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The NBA’s Top 10 Dunks Of The Week

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

We finally got it, NBA fans. We finally received our obligatory Blake Griffin dunk of the year where he embarrasses and steals the dignity of an unfortunate defender who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and attempted to foolishly defend the athletic anomaly that is the 6-10 Griffin. Read More »

NBA / Jan 9, 2014 / 12:30 am

Video: Blake Griffin Dunks All Over Kris Humphries

Brandon Bass, Blake Griffin, Jordan Crawford

He’s taken a lot of abuse over the last couple of years with many questioning his toughness (we’re looking at you Chuck), but Blake Griffin can still get up and throw it down better than just about anyone else on the planet. Tonight, with the Celtics visiting, Kris Humphries was Blake’s latest victim and the unwitting co-star in his next poster. Read More »