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Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Dec 10, 2012 / 11:00 am

Fantasy Basketball: The Week’s Best Pickups (12.10)

Nikola Vucevic

FRESH PICKINGS: Nikola Vucevic (62 percent owned in Yahoo!, 71 percent in ESPN) Although Nikola Vucevic is already heavily owned, his recent string of play should get his ownership up to close to 100 percent. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Dec 7, 2012 / 4:00 pm

The Top 10 NBA Rookie Of The Year Candidates: Vol. 1

Damian Lillard

Along with our Race to the MVP Ladder, the first week of December marks the beginning of Dime’s Rookie Ladder. So far it’s been quite an interesting year for this rookie class. There are underachievers and overachievers; some are struggling, and others are just coasting through. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Dec 3, 2012 / 10:30 am

Fantasy Basketball: The Week’s Best Pickups (12.03)

Antawn Jamison

FRESH PICKINGS: Antawn Jamison (38 percent owned in Yahoo!, nine percent in ESPN) I’m going to ride the Mike D’Antoni wave until it can’t carry me any further. This week, Antawn Jamison is the Laker who is garnering all the attention around fantasy circles. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Nov 19, 2012 / 1:31 pm

Top 10 Surprise NBA Players This Season

Omer Asik Blocks Dwyane Wade At The Rim, Comes Back Bloodied

The NBA season powers on entering its fourth week of action and we have a small but effective sample size to evaluate the season’s early surprise players. For purposes of clarity we are discussing the good surprises not the disappointing ones (that comes later).

Whatever the reason, each one of these players has emerged as a key contributor for their team. Here are the Top 10 Surprising Players this season: Read More »

NBA, Video / Nov 8, 2012 / 11:10 am

Video: Kyle Singler’s Amazing Block Kills A Kings Fast Break Alley-Oop

kyle singler block

After spending last season playing overseas, Kyle Singler is back in the NBA and providing valuable, much-needed minutes and production for a Pistons team that is struggling mightily to start the season.

In the flow of their entertaining loss to the Kings last night, Singler provided an incredible block on a Kings fast break when Aaron Brooks tried to toss an oop to Jimmer Fredette. The sequence starts at the :45 mark: Read More »

NBA / Jul 13, 2012 / 2:00 pm

The Top 5 Make-Or-Break Summers For The NBA’s Class of 2011

Kyle Singler

The 2011 NBA Draft class is the invisible class that got skipped over for official, professional development. Like a test-tube specimen raised in unusual circumstances, these players are unusual cases in how to raise a rookie. A lockout seems to skip a generation, and these 60 players inherited that trait; after they got their hats from the commissioner and then had to find ways to ball not under the auspices of management as soon as they reached the other side of the draft’s podium that June night in 2011. So who has the biggest chance to make up ground this summer? Read More »

NBA, Video / Jul 11, 2012 / 9:00 am

Video: DeQuan Jones Throws Down A Summer League Thunder Dunk

DeQuan Jones

Cape Canaveral is 55 miles away from Orlando, so it’s fitting the site of so many NASA liftoffs is not that far away from DeQuan Jones‘ thunder dunk on Tuesday. Jones threw down off two feet from the baseline and nearly got his head to rim level in Orlando Summer League action against Kyle Singler. Read More »

Smack / Nov 30, 2011 / 12:32 am

Boston Discusses Trading Rajon Rondo For Chris Paul; The Clippers Want To Pair Dwight Howard With Blake Griffin

Chris Paul

Yesterday’s ambush of trade and free agency talk tipped off with a rather awkward rumor: The Celtics weren’t actively shopping Rajon Rondo, but that they’d be open to a deal should anything materialize. In the sports world, that’s basically code for other teams to start calling so they can start the bidding. Danny Ainge and Boston were hinting at something. We just didn’t know what it was yet. So naturally the response from most fans was: WTF? It didn’t help that Rajon Rondo trade rumors are an offseason rite of passage by this point. It doesn’t feel right unless we get a few of them. Read More »

NBA / Oct 27, 2011 / 11:00 am

Dime Q&A: Kyrie Irving Talks Duke, Cleveland & NBA Lockout

Kyrie Irving

Prayer For A Perfect Season, HBO’s excellent documentary about last year’s St. Patrick team, was a reminder that a highly successful basketball program doesn’t necessarily insure parochial schools against financial hardship – especially with the economy currently the way it is.

In North Jersey alone, Paterson Catholic shut its doors last year, while 2011 national champion St. Anthony is constantly on the bubble – even with the legendary Bob Hurley working on its behalf. St. Patrick, founded in 1863, is dealing with some of the same difficulties, while attempting to launch a whole new era after longtime coach Kevin Boyle took a new opportunity at Montverde Academy in Florida. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Sep 26, 2011 / 11:00 am

NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Detroit Pistons

Austin Daye

Next up for fantasy basketball discussion: the Detroit Pistons. There’s a good deal to like here from a fantasy perspective – although there’s no first-round stud, there is some decent value in the middle rounds and a few fill-in guys to watch on the waiver wire when need be. With a good number of free agents for the Pistons, fantasy owners should expect things to change in the upcoming season. Read More »