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Video: Bonkers Lance Stephenson Shot Drops In, But He Injures His Back

Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson (Daniel Shirey/USA TODAY Sports)

Brooklyn’s Born Ready Lance Stephenson sometimes looks to opposing defenders like a train that’s been knocked off the tracks and is headed right for them. Such is the audacity of the way he attacks the rim, regardless of who is in front of him. During Indy’s win in Atlanta on Tuesday night, one of those tempest drives to the hoop ended in a chaotic bucket and a very sore back for Lance. Read More »

NBA / Feb 4, 2014 / 3:30 pm

15 NBA Players With The Most To Prove After The All-Star Break

Deron Williams

Deron Williams (Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports)

We’re more than halfway through the 2013-2014 NBA season, as the All-Star rosters are set. We’ve seen high draft picks not pan out, players playing with high criticism, and even some signs of players digressing in their careers. As the ’13-14 season continues, here is a list of the players with the most to prove after the All-Star break. Read More »

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The 5 Worst NBA All-Star Game Snubs

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins (Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports)

Every year there are players whose on-court performance earned them a place in the NBA All-Star Game. But with only 24 spots available, some are inevitably left out each year. The snubs. I’d like to sit here and say I know exactly how the coaches make their decisions, but that’s about as truthful as a positive Anthony Bennett scouting report (He’s really putting it all together at practice! It’s only a matter of time!!!). The point is I have no idea how they pick the way the way they do; if I had to take a guess, I’d say they value veterans and winning over a young-and-up comer in the midst of a career year in a losing effort. Read More »

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The NBA’s 10 Best Rebounding Guards

Iman Shumpert

Ricky Rubio (photo. adidas Basketball)

Guards in the National Basketball Association can generally shoot and pass the ball well. That’s what their primary jobs usually consist of on offense and that’s also essentially what they’re known for. However, some guards stand out for other skills. There are a select number of them who also possess the tools capable to rebound the ball at a high level. Read More »

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Why DeMar DeRozan Should Be An All-Star

DeMar DeRozan, Lance Stephenson

DeMar DeRozan, Lance Stephenson (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

Not since the days of Chris Bosh have the Toronto Raptors had anyone worthy of getting an All-Star nod. Enter DeMar DeRozan, who is making a strong case to represent Canada in New Orleans come February. Read More »

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Video: Lance Stephenson Steals It From J.R. Smith Before Sick And-1 Reverse

Lance Stephenson, J.R. Smith

Lance Stephenson, J.R. Smith (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

After Lance Stephenson stole the fumbling dribble of J.R. Smith and sprinted the other way to nestle in a reverse layup plus the foul, TNT’s Reggie Miller thought he spotted a “G-rated Dougie.” There was nothing G-rated about Stephenson’s performance against the Knicks, though. Brooklyn’s finest scored a career-high 28 points as the Pacers dismantled their Eastern Conference rivals from just a year ago. Read More »

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Lance Stephenson’s Campaign Video For The All-Star Game Is Amazing

Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson (Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports)

Pacers wing Lance Stephenson is averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists and minutes per game, and the Pacers have the best record in the league at 30-7. It makes sense he would be in discussion, and like a lot of players — specifically Kevin Love and DeMarcus Cousins — there’s a campaign to get him into the yearly game. Except Stephenson’s unique game gets the perfect pitchman in “Sir-Lance-Alot.” Read More »

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The NBA’s 30 Biggest Unsung Heroes

Andray Blatche

Khris Middleton (Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports)

Behind every great team, the superstars and the dynasties, are the guys that the average fans don’t know about. Regardless of the amount of talent at the top of the roster, coaches are forced to look for production from role players on a nightly basis. While the average fan may not realize these players exist, their impact, while consistently failing to show up in the box scores, is not disregarded by teammates or coaches. Read More »

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Who’s Better: Nicolas Batum Or Lance Stephenson?

Lance Stephenson

Nicolas Batum (Craig Mitchelldyer/USA TODAY Sports)

Two of the league’s biggest championship contenders, Portland and Indiana, rely on a couple of unselfish, versatile swingmen to make shots, get stops and every once in a while, throw up one of those games that scream future star. Lance Stephenson might be the NBA’s most improved player this year, upping his numbers to 13.3 points, 6.6 rebounds and a league-leading three triple-doubles, and in the process revealing Danny Granger as expendable. Nicolas Batum might be fantasy basketball’s most underrated player, stuffing the box score — once again — this season to the tune of 13.9 points, 6.3 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 2.1 three-pointers per game. Read More »

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The Only 5 Teams That Can Win An NBA Championship This Year

Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade (Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports)

The NBA is a state of repair.

No, the games and the talent on the court are perfectly fine, exemplary actually, but the disparity of quality between the East and West and there being only five teams capable of winning a title this year is something that needs to be addressed.

It is historic how poor the Eastern Conference is right now, which is leading to a two-team race to the top between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. At the moment, there are are only three teams in the East with a winning record (Toronto is 15-15), with the third, the Atlanta Hawks, not a threat to either of them. Read More »