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We Reminisce: Air Jordan V Retro “Laney High School” Edition

Air Jordan V Retro

Speaking of Laney High School, Monta Ellis was warming up last night in the Air Jordan V Retro “Laney High School” edition. This colorway – not one of the original four from 1990 – dropped in 2000, and has not been retroed since. Read More »

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The Real Story Behind The Man Who Cut Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

We all know the story. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team and then went on to become the greatest athlete ever. But along the way, 33 years after it happened, fact slowly morphed into myth. Most Jordan fans can tell you “Okay, yes he was technically cut from the varsity, but he still played jayvee, dominated, and then came up and kept dominating on the varsity the next year as a junior.” That’s nothing outrageous. Shoot, I’ll argue John Wall might even have a crazier story: getting cut from his high school team and having to transfer because no one wanted him nor thought he was good enough. The full MJ story was never given the light. Until now. Read More »

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Jordan 60+ “Laney High School”

Jordan 60+

While the Air Jordan 1 Retro High paid tribute to the game when MJ dropped 63 on Larry Bird and the Celtics on April 20, 1986, the Jordan 60+ fuses all the past releases during Jordan’s 60+ point games. Read More »

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What’s In The Box: Michael Jordan x Gatorade

Michael Jordan x Gatorade

Many, many packages come to the Dime office each day, and it may be years until something as cool as this arrives for me again. Read More »