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Smack / Jul 23, 2011 / 12:00 am

Kobe Bryant Might Have An Overseas Offer; Detroit Hires A New Head Coach

Kobe Bryant

Would you pay to get Kobe to play? It seems like Besiktas is willing to take anything at this point. The club is on the verge of making the biggest international signing ever, but don’t quite have to funds to pull Bryant from the States. Depending on who you talk to, Kobe is interested or had his managers contact the team or is waiting on an offer that might not be worth it unless a sponsorship steps up to front the loot. However, the New York Times is reporting that the Turkish club has indeed made an offer to the Laker and is only waiting on a response from his agent … Read More »

Featured Gallery, Smack / Jun 18, 2011 / 11:59 pm

Warriors Make Trade Offer for Dwight Howard; James Harden Goes Berserk in Summer League

Dwight Howard Nets trade rumors

File this under “NO F’ing Way This Will Happen”: According to Draft Express, the Golden State Warriors have reportedly offered a package of Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Andris Biedrins to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard. It is a general rule that unless it’s a total steal, you almost never deal big for small in the NBA. It hardly, if ever, works. We would say that when you’re talking about the best big in the NBA, that rule is extra airtight. Monta Ellis is nice and all, but he’s not one of the A-List NBA guards that would be required to get the Magic to even think twice about a deal for Dwight. On top of that, Read More »

NBA / Jun 14, 2010 / 1:00 pm

8 Candidates To Fill Out The Blazers’ Assistant Corps

Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers organization has been one of the most stable over the last few NBA seasons. They had young building blocks in place (LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy), a great GM (Kevin Pritchard) and stability at the head coaching position (Nate McMillan). But now chaos is starting to reign supreme in Portland.

During the season, the Blazers fired Tom Penn who was Pritchard’s right hand man in the front office, and now word is that Pritchard may also be on his way out of town. In addition to the front office troubles, the Blazers’ coaching staff is also in a bit of turmoil. Monty Williams recently left to take the Hornets head coaching job, rumors are flying that Dean Demopoulos may be on his way out, and according to Dave D’Alessandro of The Star-Ledger, Joe Prunty appears on his way to New Jersey to join Avery Johnson. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / May 19, 2010 / 6:15 pm

Kiki Vandeweghe Won’t Return To Nets; His Next Move

While it was obvious that Kiki Vandeweghe wasn’t returning as head coach for the Nets next year, in his opening press conference today Mikhail Prokhorov made it obvious Kiki won’t be the GM either. When asked about Vandeweghe this is what Prokhorov had to say: “With Kiki, he’s a very talented guy, he did his job in a very tough season for the team, and his agreement expires in summer and I wish him well.” Basically Prokhorov is saying, ‘Thanks for holding the fort down last year, but we don’t need you anymore.’ Read More »

NBA, Video / Apr 22, 2010 / 6:00 pm

Clip Of The Day: Lawrence Frank Drops The F-Bomb On ESPN

This is amazing! When former Nets coach Lawrence Frank appeared on ESPN’s First Take yesterday morning, Frank gave his opinion of LeBron‘s Game 2 performance against the Bulls. Only thing was, he didn’t realized that the cameras were rolling as he referred to LeBron as “that f****r” and his former Nets as “shit.”

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NBA / Apr 2, 2010 / 1:39 pm

Jeff Van Gundy, Avery Johnson top candidates for Nets coaching job

New Jersey Nets

There’s this clip of an interview from sometime in the ’70s where Howard Cosell goes on a rant about the growing number of ex-pro athletes getting TV broadcasting jobs. Cosell’s big gripe was that kids coming out of college with journalism and broadcasting degrees eventually wouldn’t be able to get jobs because they were being taken by unqualified athletes who got work simply based on their name. Who knew how correct he would be? Read More »

NBA / Nov 30, 2009 / 9:30 am

Former Net Ryan Anderson: “In No Way Could You Blame Lawrence Frank”

Ryan Anderson

The scene inside NBA locker rooms after games is absolute chaotic. Especially when you are in Madison Square Garden, the media capital of the world. Not even fifteen minutes after the Magic defeated the Knicks 114-102 last night, reporters by the dozens packed inside the Magic’s compact dressing room to fire away questions to a bunch of half-naked players. While Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter attracted the largest crowds, second-year sensation Ryan Anderson somehow escaped the hoopla. Anderson was practically alone, looking relaxed near the back of the locker room with his feet dipped inside a large Gatorade cooler full of ice. Read More »

NBA / Nov 20, 2009 / 12:28 pm

5 NBA Coaches on The Chopping Block

lawrence frank

In the NBA, coaching jobs have the same turnover rate as your local Chili’s. With several franchises off to disappointing starts, it is just a matter of time before the firing coaches talk starts to make headlines. It took just two weeks into the season for the Hornets to hand Byron Scott his walking papers. We listed five underachieving coaches who might join Scott in the unemployment line soon. Read More »

NBA / Nov 19, 2009 / 3:30 pm

The Nets Have One Chance To Avoid The History Books

Brook Lopez

The New Jersey Nets are making a run at the wrong side of history. After starting 0-12, Lawrence Frank’s squad is inching closer to tying the ’88-89 Heat and ’98-99 Clippers for the worst start in NBA history. No doubt about it, the Nets are horrible. They have been playing without star Devin Harris, who has been out with a groin injury since Oct. 30, and have been forced to rely on a roster filled with young players. While more losses are definitely in the cards for this Nets team, the question remains will they go 0-18? We took a look at their upcoming schedule to find out. Read More »

Smack / Nov 13, 2009 / 2:30 am

Super Smash Brothers

D-Wade vs. LeBron

You know you pulled off an incredible dunk when your team doesn’t even win the game, you lost to a team that features arguably the best/most famous (active) basketball player in the world and one of the two other most famous players in the world, the dunk itself happened way back in the first quarter of an East Coast tip-off, and it’s STILL the first everybody is talking about around the water cooler. A few minutes into Heat/Cavs, LeBron looked like he was gonna put somebody on a poster when he got a step on his defender and approached the rim with bad intentions. LBJ got stuffed by Jermaine O’Neal, though, creating a one-man fast break for Dwyane Wade. Read More »