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Style - Kicks and Gear / Oct 30, 2009 / 10:31 am

LeBron VII Kicks Come with Free Limited Edition T-Shirts Today and Tomorrow!


If you’re in the NYC area today and tomorrow, get yourself to the Nike House of Hoops by Foot Locker up on 125th Street in Harlem. The deal is sick – show up, pick up a pair of the new LeBron VII kicks, and get yourself laced with a free limited-edition LeBron t-shirt that you can customize yourself. Read More »

NBA, Video / Jul 13, 2009 / 11:32 am

Kobe: “You Ain’t Dunkin on Me at My Camp”

And who said Kobe and LeBron don’t have beef…?

NBA, Video / Jul 10, 2009 / 12:49 pm

“Tape-Gate” Has Gotten Completely Out of Hand

Sure-fire ways to get a grown man’s blood pressure through the roof: (3) Hearing news that there’s a video of Megan Fox washing the Ferrari of Transformers director, Michael Bay. (2) Not being able to see such video. (1) Skip Bayless talking out of his ass about LeBron.

I’m actually upset at Jemele Hill. Instead of providing the voice of reason, she feeds into the quasi-witch hunt created by Bayless, Jay Crawford and the rest of ESPN First Take.