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Smack / Mar 17, 2014 / 3:30 pm

Simulated One-On-One Battle Between Lil B & Kevin Durant In NBA 2K14

Kevin Durant

For the uninitiated, Lil B is (an Internet) rapper, no — not an emcee, who has been beefing with Kevin Durant since the latter questioned his relevancy in a tweet. For a world scratching their head at the #BasedGod’s popularity, it was a relief. But Lil B has continued to play up his beef with Durantula.* Now the people at Pitchfork have created a Lil B character on NBA 2K14 and had him square off in a simulated version of what Lil B has been itching to participate in for months now: a one-on-one battle with KD. Read More »

D-League, Video / Oct 16, 2012 / 4:15 pm

Video: Lil B Tries Out For The Warriors’ D-League Team

Lil B Warriors

Lil B is known for both his role as the self-proclaimed Based God and for his other claim that he’s created thousands of songs. If you’ve paid even scant attention to hip-hop you’ve probably seen his ALL CAPS Twitter handle weave its way into your timeline and seen his solo star rise ever since “Vans” came out in 2006. But on the basketball court can he run in a different kind of Pack and create plays? That’s what he, and we, are still dutifully trying to uncover after he tried out for Santa Cruz’s D-League team, the Warriors, Monday in Aptos, Calif. Read More »