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Smack / May 2, 2012 / 1:58 am

Paul Pierce Tebows The Hawks; Kobe Bryant Eats The Nuggets

Paul Pierce

Smack / Apr 22, 2012 / 5:03 am

D-Rose is back, D-Wade is hurt, and T-Pain puts Phoenix on the brink

Derrick Rose

Saturday morning, things looked pretty good for the Heat: All they had to do was beat the craptastic Wizards at home, and if the Bulls lost to the Mavs in a game that injury-racked Derrick Rose (head, shoulders, knees, toes) probably wouldn’t play in, Miami would be in prime position to snatch the No. 1 playoff seed in the East before the regular season wraps up next week … Saturday evening, it was a different story: D-Rose was cleared to play, and Miami’s plan to give LeBron and Chris Bosh the night off suddenly looked stupid when Dwyane Wade hurt his finger in the opening minutes and never returned. By the end of the night, Chicago had stretched its lead over Miami to 2.5 games, and shrunk the Heat’s margin for error down to zero … Read More »

NBA, Video / Apr 11, 2012 / 10:30 am

Video: Lou Williams Drops Sundiata Gaines & Hits A Buzzer Beater

Lou Williams

It’s going to be hard for the Sixers to make any noise in the postseason (if they even get there) when their leading scorer and go-to man down the stretch is a 6-1 bench player averaging barely 15 points a night. Lou Williams probably won’t win them any games in the second season, but he still has the capability to do this: Read More »

Smack / Apr 11, 2012 / 1:15 am

Boston Hands Miami A Rare Home Loss; Chicago Is Just Fine Without Derrick Rose

Rajon Rondo

In a calmer, maybe more reasonable world, the Miami Heat could lose a game like the game they lost to the Boston Celtics last night and it wouldn’t be a big deal. In that world, LeBron James and Miami fans could adopt the same attitude Kobe Bryant and L.A. fans have after every one of their high-profile L’s in the regular season: Don’t panic, it’s only (fill-in-the-month). This is bigger to them than it is to us. We’ll be fine in the playoffs. … But there are five diamond-studded reasons why a Kobe-led team gets that kind of leeway and a LeBron-led team does not. Read More »

NBA, Video / Apr 4, 2012 / 12:00 pm

Video: Andre Iguodala Hosts A Dunk Death Match Against Himself

Andrew Iguodala

Andre Iguodala and LeBron James (41 points) engaged in a highlight-off Tuesday in Miami, but Terrel Harris didn’t get the memo to stay out of the way on this slam in the second quarter. Read More »

Smack / Mar 11, 2012 / 11:31 pm

Andrew Bynum Grows Up; Dwight Howard Blows Up

Andrew Bynum

You can always tell when one of your boys got some the night before. He comes strolling into the apartment kitchen doing his best to conceal a smile, pours himself a big ol’ glass of water, leans back in a chair with everyone else staring and just starts chuckling. But damn, the way Andrew Bynum was cheesing last night after his hook shot in the lane helped knockout the Celtics, you would’ve thought he smashed Lauren London. He was hyped. And he should’ve been. Kobe Bryant, who scored 26 and hit a go-ahead pull-up in the final minute to help quiet the growing mass attached to the “Kobe ain’t clutch” bandwagon, overturned another play to tell everyone they should go inside to the Big Knee Injury. Read More »

Smack / Mar 1, 2012 / 1:16 am

Derrick Rose Is Officially Back; Kobe Bryant Is A Sith Lord

Derrick Rose

After sitting out five games, and then taking the All-Star Game as an opportunity to chill, Derrick Rose is back. With 32 and nine on Tuesday night, and then after he sauteed Tony Parker for 29 points last night in Chicago’s 96-89 win, the back problems are a thing of the past. Parker looked like a pup trying to curtail Rose’s drives, and on the other end shot 5-for-16 in one of those performances where you can visibly see the difference between an MVP and an All-Star … Read More »

Smack / Feb 7, 2012 / 1:00 am

Jeremy Lin Dominates Again; Kobe Bryant’s Milestone in Philly

Kobe Bryant

All hail Jeremy Lin. That’s now two games in a row that the seldom-used backup has torched opponents and lit the Garden on fire as if he was John Starks. Lin dropped 28 and eight in New York’s 99-88 win over Utah. Beast? Lin seems to finish every three point play, make all the right decisions out of the pick-n-roll and has even shown off his deep ball. At one point in the second half, he dropped a high-arching shot and then trotted back on defense with a swag unlimited smirk before sticking his tongue out (It looked like he had been sucking on some blue lollipops during the quarter break). Read More »

NBA / Feb 6, 2012 / 2:30 pm

Playing The NBA Market: Who To Invest In, Who To Stay Away From

Kevin Durant

Facebook is about to go public with its IPO, which has everyone in a buy/sell mood and streaming “The Social Network” soundtrack on Spotify. It leads to conversations about how big the company can become. If you’re a hoops fan looking for a steal, it’s time now, at nearly a third of the way through the season, to see what teams you should invest your hopes in and who to sell off quick while you still can.

I don’t know anything about tech stocks but here’s who you believe in and what teams, if bought too aggressively, could ruin your portfolio. Read More »

NBA / Jan 26, 2012 / 11:00 am

The Top 10 NBA Sixth Men

James Harden

All things being equal, the NBA’s best sixth men would rather be starting, of course. On other teams, there’s a chance they certainly would be. You don’t have to look much further than Jason Terry. He’s been the second-best player on a championship team and one of the fourth quarter shoulders the Dallas Mavericks have leaned on for the past eight seasons. Is he good enough to start? Of course. Even though his numbers are down this year (13.9 points, 41 percent shooting), Terry’s been hitting big jumpers and spot up threes for the past decade. As a starter, he’d be a nice player. As a bench player, he became a staple of what it means to be a great sixth man. Read More »