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Video, Video Games / Aug 28, 2012 / 11:45 am

2 Chainz & Pusha T Celebrate The Release Of Madden NFL 13

2 Chainz & Pusha T

We love the new Madden NFL 13, which released today, and even though we do love our jobs, we can’t wait to get home and get settled into the man cave for a few hours to test it out some more. Some people may hate on the game in the same way people hate on the Call of Duty franchise (which is funny considering these are two of the best out right now), but Complex found two pretty big fans of Madden: 2 Chainz and Pusha T. They celebrated the release by hitting the sticks. We’re still not sure what was better, the game or the banter. Read More »

Video Games / Aug 27, 2012 / 1:15 pm

It’s That Time Again: Madden NFL 13 Review

Madden 13

I currently live in Baltimore. I can relate.

Open up Madden NFL 13 and the opening credits will give way to Ray Lewis in all of his motivational glory. He’s sitting in a gloomy, dark locker room looking like he’s ready to decapitate the next unsuspecting wide receiver.

How bad do you want to be remembered? Read More »