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Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Oct 14, 2011 / 11:00 am

NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard

Outside of their beast in the middle and waterfall of threes, the Orlando Magic are a team of uncertainty for fantasy owners. Their starting shooting guard is most likely on his way out, their backup point guard appears more primed to stir up controversy on Twitter than do anything provocative anything on the court and a timeshare looks likely at the power forward position. All that said, there are open doors for a few players to assert themselves as fantasy stalwarts. Of course, if that beast in the middle wiggles his way out of town before season’s end, this house of cards will come tumbling down – hard. Read More »

NBA / Oct 20, 2010 / 2:30 pm

Orlando Magic 2010-11 NBA Season Preview

Jameer Nelson

As the NBA regular season approaches, we preview the upcoming campaign with the “Highs and Lows” system — predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.

Added: Quentin Richardson, Chris Duhon, Daniel Orton, Malik Allen

Lost: Matt Barnes, Anthony Johnson Read More »

NBA / Aug 11, 2009 / 11:50 am

The Nuggets Better Hope Everyone Stays Healthy

Carmelo Anthony

Without a doubt, the Nuggets were one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA last season. Perhaps it’s because Chris “Birdman” Andersen could potentially be my favorite player, or the fact that on any given night J.R. Smith could drop 50. But after they lost Linas Kleiza for nothing yesterday, Nuggets fans should start to get worried. Read More »