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Smack / Nov 26, 2012 / 5:00 am

The Spurs Win One Of The Tightest Games In NBA History; The Nets And Knicks Set Up An Epic Duel

Tony Parker

Think about all of those games you remember that came down to a final shot, the ones where you thought you’d pass out if it got any more intense. Technically, San Antonio’s 111-106 win over Toronto on Sunday was the NBA’s most tightly contested win of all time. That the game went into two overtimes is notable, but not as much as this — according to Elias Sports, since 1954 this was the “first double-overtime game in which each of the first five periods was either tied or decided by a single point.” Polar opposites though they may seem, Toronto and San Antonio turned a matinee into 24 minutes of free hoops instead. Read More »

NBA, Video / Nov 17, 2012 / 2:42 pm

Amazing Damian Lillard Alley Oop to Meyers Leonard

damian lillard alley oop video

From last night’s NBA action, watch super rookie Damian Lillard push the fast break and toss a great alley oop to a streaking Meyers Leonard over the outstretched hands of Jeremy Lin.

Gotta love fellow rookie Leonard calling for the oop mid-stride: Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Oct 19, 2012 / 2:15 pm

What LaMarcus Aldridge Must Do To Be The NBA’s Best Power Forward

LaMarcus Aldridge

Maybe it’s a good thing no one is talking about Portland. They have a rookie point guard, and while it’s obvious he’s both mature (during the preseason, he’s scoring 12.3 of his 16.3 points a night in the second half) and comfortable running high screen-n-rolls (he was a better-than-advertised distributor in college), Damian Lillard still has a ways to go to understand running a NBA offense. Read More »

NBA, Video / Oct 18, 2012 / 10:45 am

Who Had The Better Dunk? Meyers Leonard Vs. Jonas Valanciunas

Meyers Leonard

Depending on who you talk to, Meyers Leonard either looks like Ivan Drago, or as we said in Smack, Triple H. He’s big, strong, ripped, and looks like he should be out there smashing heads. Instead, he struggled with consistency at Illinois, and who knows how much time he’ll get in Portland this year? Read More »

Smack / Oct 18, 2012 / 7:26 am

The Blazers Are The New Nuggets; Kevin Love Breaks His Hand

LaMarcus Aldridge

Watching the Trail Blazers beat the Nuggets in last night’s preseason action, we could see a lot of similarities between this year’s Portland squad and last year’s Denver squad. The Blazers will be led by a quick and fearless point guard (Damian Lillard), they will feature a raw 7-foot prospect overflowing with potential (Meyers Leonard), and those two are flanked by a small army of bouncy athletes and grinders who will play D and run the floor. The Blazers also have something the Nuggets don’t have, and that’s a certified All-Star big man named LaMarcus Aldridge. Read More »

NBA, NBA Draft / Aug 27, 2012 / 12:00 pm

Dime Q&A: Meyers Leonard On Portland’s Future And The Center Curse

Meyers Leonard

Dime had a chance to catch up with a handful of NBA rookies at the NBA rookie photo shoot last Tuesday. On Thursday, we began unrolling our Q&A’s with these future NBA stars. So far we’ve brought you Bradley Beal and John Jenkins, and today you’ll hear from Meyers Leonard.

Meyers Leonard isn’t just a big body. Despite his elite physical stature, standing at 7-1 with a 7-3 wingspan and a nine-foot standing reach, Leonard showed in his sophomore season at Illinois that his skills aren’t far behind. Learning to become more assertive with his pure size and strength, he became a hot name in NBA circles and one of the top center prospects at this year’s NBA Draft. We had a chance to catch up with Leonard at the NBA rookie photo shoot, and he talked a bit about his Summer League performance and, most importantly, that deadly Portland center curse. Read More »

Latest News, NBA, NBA Draft / Jun 28, 2012 / 8:36 pm

2012 NBA Draft: Portland Picks Meyers Leonard At No. 11

Meyers Leonard

11. Portland – Meyers Leonard 7-0, 240 lbs. C Illinois, Soph.

Not too many people have actually seen Meyers Leonard play. But for the fans our there, Leonard is a legit 7-footer who can run and move. He’s no stiff. Next to LaMarcus Aldridge, he could be dynamite. Portland needed a big man more than anything else coming into this process, and now they have one. Read More »

College, NBA Draft / Jun 26, 2012 / 11:15 am

The Top 10 Shotblockers In The 2012 NBA Draft

Meyers Leonard

Serge Ibaka is setting the precedent for shotblocking in the NBA. His 3.7 blocks per game this past season were the most since Theo Ratliff was swatting shots in Philly for the Eastern Conference champs back in the 2000-01 season. Ibaka is by far the best shotblocker in the league, but come Thursday, he may have some company.

Anthony Davis earned the No. 1 pick by leading Kentucky to a national championship with his defensive prowess and is heir apparent to the shot-swatting throne. But not all great shotblockers are drafted with a high pick. The aforementioned Serge Ibaka was taken with the No. 24 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. Read on to see which trusty defenders are worthy enough to make our list of the Top-10 Shotblockers of the 2012 NBA Draft. Read More »

College, NBA, NBA Draft / Jun 15, 2012 / 1:15 pm

Required Hip-Hop For The Top 30 Players In The 2012 NBA Draft

Thomas Robinson

With the NBA Draft Lottery taking place, everyone has a better idea where likely draftees will land come June 28, 2012. Here at Dime, we’ve already begun our full-fledge draft coverage. Catch up on player profiles like Harrison Barnes, the weekly diary of Dion Waiters, and our latest mock draft. All of these features provide a glimpse into what to expect from the incoming influx of ballers. Yet, the perpetual interrelationship between hip-hop and hoopin’ can’t be overlooked. Read More »

Latest News, Mock Draft, NBA, NBA Draft / Jun 8, 2012 / 5:00 pm

Dime Mock Draft 2.0: Dion Waiters Reportedly Gets A Promise In The Lottery

Harrison Barnes

Following the shocking NBA Draft Lottery in New York City where everyone and their momma is now saying David Stern and the NBA rigged it to make sure the top prize landed in New Orleans, now we can now begin to get an idea of how the first round of the draft will play out after the top spot. After we took a stab at the first round immediately following the events of the lottery, here is the second of many Dime mock drafts leading up to June 28. As usual, it’s a combination of what we think teams should do and what we think they will do: Read More »