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GIFs, NBA / Apr 16, 2014 / 2:45 pm

The 10 Funniest GIFs From The NBA Season

Andrea Bargnani, Thaddeus Young

For better or for worse, technology appears to be evolving at the speed of light. One of the many positives of this rapid change is the ability to be entertained from multiple areas, including the .gif, compressed image files. Read More »

GIFs, Smack / Jan 21, 2014 / 11:41 am

Miami Heat Team With Michelle Obama For Delightful Dunk Cam (Video)

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Ray Allen, Michelle Obama, Erik Spoelstra

During the Miami Heat’s recent visit with the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama joined Heat members, Erik Spoelstra, LeBron James, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to help in a public service announcement for the Lets Move campaign to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The First Lady, no stranger to basketball since she and her President Hubby are huge fans, set up a dunk cam where she threw down on Allen and Wade as part of the spot. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Aug 13, 2013 / 12:03 pm

Iman Shumpert Is Featured On Michelle Obama’s Hip-Hop Record

Iman Shumpert (photo. Instagram/is_21_nykallday)

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, is releasing a hip-hop record to help promote President Barack Obama‘s “Let’s Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity. The New York Knicks’ Iman Shumpert will be featured on one of the tracks. Read More »

Olympics, Video / Jul 30, 2012 / 8:00 am

Video: Everyone On Team USA Gets A Hug From Michelle Obama After Beating France

The U.S. took care of its first-round Olympics game against France fairly easily Sunday, winning 98-71 after dominating the second and third quarters. So often it’s everyone else marveling about Team USA, and in fact between a 40-foot bounce pass from LeBron to alley-oops to nearly everyone, there was reason to be so in the first really game the U.S controlled since beating up on the Dominican Republic in Vegas. After the game though, it was Team USA itself geeking out. Read More »

Olympics, Overseas, Video / Jul 17, 2012 / 10:15 am

Video: Barack Obama Needed Two Tries To Score With Michelle On “Kiss Cam” At The USA-Brazil Game

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were at the USA-Brazil game last night, and the vaunted “Kiss Cam” caught them in its crosshairs. The President made a half-hearted attempt at going in for the kiss, but Michelle clearly wasn’t having any of it – to the displeasure of the crowd, who rained down deafening boos. Maybe she was just too upset that the USA was down 10 points to Brazil in the first quarter. Read More »