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NBA, Smack / Jun 6, 2012 / 12:16 am

The Celtics Are Going Back To Boston With The NBA Finals 1 Win Away

Paul Pierce

The NBA’s MVP played like one in the first half. The NBA’s most veteran team stole away the second. Where does this leave the rest of the Eastern Conference Finals? Look, after how quickly the Thunder came back against the Spurs in the West, and now with Boston still winning in the East, you can’t blame us for being a little hesitant to answer the last question. But here’s what we have to say about last night, a game that was LeBron James’ (30 points, 13 boards) and Paul Pierce‘s (19 points) late. And we’re not saying “Good job! Good effort!” like that pre-pubescent Miami fan. Read More »

Smack / Jun 4, 2012 / 6:50 am

The Celtics Take The Heat’s Best Shots

Paul Pierce

The Celtics, as they were believed to be, were too old and slow for this Miami team, and maybe that’s still true in a larger sense of a series. Taken back to Boston, though, the Celtics’ Big Three coalesced around their biggest star — Rajon Rondo — and what we now have is a 2-2 tie in the Eastern Conference Finals. Read More »

NBA, Pat's Sixers Blog, Video / Mar 23, 2012 / 9:48 pm

Video: Mickael Pietrus Takes a Bad Fall, Leaves on Stretcher

Mikael Pietrus

If you’re watching NBA basketball right now instead of the NCAA Tournament, there’s a good chance you’re watching Sixers/Celtics on ESPN.

In case you missed it, earlier in the game Mikael Pietrus got tangled up going down the lane and took a scary fall, landing on his shoulders and back. The fall was so bad that it is being reported that Pietrus threw up on the court before being taken off on a stretcher and then to the hospital. Read More »

NBA / May 24, 2010 / 3:30 pm

What Orlando Must Do To Win Game 4 Tonight

Dwight Howard

Okay, so Bodog put the Magic at +7 tonight. I wouldn’t take it either with the way the Celts have been playing. Still though, I just can’t see the Magic getting swept. How can a team that won eight straight lose the next four? Truthfully, this would be a bigger collapse than the 2007 Mavericks. Orlando is just too good to lose like this. We keep waiting for Stan Van Gundy to adjust but even if he has tried to, he just has no answer for Rondo and cannot find a way to get Rashard Lewis going. But here are three reasons why Orlando will be returning home for a Game 5. Read More »

NBA / Oct 27, 2009 / 10:30 am

Top 5 Second Units In The NBA

Rasheed Wallace

Some of the benches on NBA squads are just nasty. It used to be teams would go just seven or eight deep in their rotation. Now some of these teams have benches so stacked that they could probably handle Milwaukee or Sacramento’s starting fives. I ranked my top five second units in the league. Keep in mind, starting lineups haven’t been set in stone and some of these guys might start come opening night (tonight for some). Read More »

NBA / Jul 8, 2008 / 9:17 pm

Mikael Pietrus Signs Free Agent Deal With Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have reportedly reached a verbal agreement with Warriors’ free agent Mikael Pietrus for a deal believed to be close to be worth about $5 million. It’s a move that has serious impact on other players. Read More »