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Magic Johnson’s Joyous Response To Mike D’Antoni’s Resignation

Magic Johnson statue

As most NBA fans know by now, Mike D’Antoni resigned as the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers last night. A number of people chimed in on Twitter when the news broke, but it was Magic Johnson‘s ebullient tweet after hearing the news that drew the strongest reaction. Read More »

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Report: Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Coach Of Lakers

Mike D'Antoni

The Lakers announced that head coach Mike D’Antoni has resigned as their coach in a press release earlier today. The 62-year-old D’Antoni was under contract through the 2014-15 season, with a team option for 2015-16 D’Antoni was hoping the Lakers would pick up, according to a USA Today report earlier this week. It seems they wouldn’t give him that comfort, so now he’s resigned, ending a tumultuous year for the franchise and coach. Read More »

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Nick Young Didn’t Waste Any Time To Start Enjoying His Offseason

Nick Young

The Los Angeles Lakers finished with the second worst record in the Western Conference, and Nick Young was a large reason they escaped without the worst record when he dropped a season-high 41 points against the Conference-worst Jazz on Monday night. Then the self-proclaimed Swaggy P kicked off his offseason hard right after the Lakers beat the Spurs Wednesday night. Read More »

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Nick Young Welcomes Phoenix To “The Player Haters Ball”

Nick Young

The Lakers are done, mathematically eliminated from a possible playoff berth a while back, and now just running out the season before probably firing coach Mike D’Antoni. But the beaten up Lakers faced off against the Suns on Sunday, one of a group of five teams looking to fit in four open playoff spots in the West. So of course Nick Young reveled in his team’s ability to put a dent in Phoenix’s playoff chances with their 115-99 win at the Staples Center. Read More »

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Chris Kaman Hasn’t Spoken With Mike D’Antoni In Three Weeks

Chris Kaman, Amar'e Stoudemire

We’ve written extensively about the gloomy Lakers season, and most of the quotes out of Laker land are tinged with anger, embarrassment, backstabbing, Swaggy P bluster, and the type of excuses typical of franchises stuck in the basement of their respective division. But these are the Lakers, not a team used to losing regardless of injuries. A lot of people are blaming the coach, and now comes word center Chris Kaman hasn’t spoken to head coach Mike D’Antoni in three weeks. Read More »

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Report: Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Want Mike D’Antoni As The Lakers Coach

Mike D'Antoni, Kobe Bryant

We already let you know earlier today rumors were circulating coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t long for Laker land. Sources informed Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher the Lakers had assured a pair of Lakers D’Antoni was done next season, and Stephen A. Smith said close to the same on ESPN’s “First Take” (thought at a higher decibel level). Now the Sporting News reports that sources are saying Kobe Bryant has “no interest” in playing D’Antoni’s fast-paced style when he returns to the court next season. Read More »

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Rumor: Lakers May Not Bring Mike D’Antoni Back Next Season

Mike D'Antoni, Pau Gasol

As of this writing, the Lakers share the worst record in the Western Conference with the Kings and the Jazz (all are 22-42), and while the Lakers weren’t necessarily foolish enough to think they were winning a title this year, a host of injuries to their stars has degraded an otherwise proud franchise. Now comes word that coach Mike D’Antoni may not be long for Laker land and could be terminated this summer in his role as the Lakers’ coach. Read More »

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The 10 Most Exciting Teams In NBA History

Sacramento Kings

As an NBA fan, there is nothing worse than watching a boring basketball game. Every few years we get lucky to witness a team that displays an absurd amount of showmanship on the court; a current example is “The Lob City” Clippers. In a sport that is played at a fast pace, we have seen teams throughout the years elevating the excitement on the court. I counted down the most exciting teams in NBA history. Read More »

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Kobe Bryant Out For Another 3 Weeks After Physician’s Evaluation

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has been out since December 17 this season with a fractured lateral tibial plateau, but after getting re-evaluated by the Lakers’ team physician, his timetable has been extended another three weeks when the Lakers will look at the knee again. Bryant is experiencing swelling, continued pain and soreness in the damaged left knee, and there is some muted talk he might not return at all. Read More »

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Carmelo Anthony’s Wife, La La, Says He’ll “Definitely” Stay In New York

Carmelo Anthony

The future of Carmelo Anthony is very much up in the air, since he can opt-out of the final year of his deal this summer and become an unrestricted free agent. The Knicks can offer him more money and an extra year, but if the team doesn’t have a chance to compete for a title, many wonder if ‘Melo will bounce to greener pastures in LA or Chicago. But not Anthony’s Wife, La La, who recently said, “I definitely think he will stay.” Read More »