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The Court Grip Difference Maker of the Week: Dwyane Wade Demolishes the Pistons

dwyane wade

Each week Court Grip will bring you a prime basketball highlight made possible by having an edge – in skills, performance and technology. This week is a compilation of Dwyane Wade‘s destruction of the Pistons last night. Breaks, dunks, dives to the hoop and a ridiculous Euro-Step move in transition. Read More »

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Do you have any idea how many people have come through the Dime HQ over the years touting their latest revolutionary basketball technology? Hundreds. Literally. Some (actual) samples of the nonsense we’ve heard:

“These shoes will make you jump higher!”

“These kicks make it scientifically impossible to roll your ankles!”

“This cloth fires electrons back into your muscles to make you faster and increase your vertical leap!”

Out of those hundreds, do you know how many had any kind of proof? Zero. Stammering and blank stares. Read More »

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How Court Grip Truly Changed the Game

Dwyane Wade & Mission Court Grip

Mission Athletecare is in the business of creating products that give basketball players an edge on and off the court. They made a splash last season by solving a problem that has plagued basketball players since the dawn of the game: The slippery floor.

It is the bane of basketball players on all levels around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are playing ball in an old church gym or on an NBA court, if you have no traction and are slipping and sliding all over the court, you can’t play your game. Mopping the floor or wetting the soles of your kicks just doesn’t get the job done – basketball players have been waiting for a century for someone or something to effectively save the day. The wait is over. Read More »

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Meet Dwyane Wade today in L.A.!

Dwyane Wade Mission event

Want to say what’s up to Dwyane Wade in person? if you’re in L.A., Dwyane will be at the Sports Authority in Hawthorne, Calif. at 4 P.M. PT (14555 Ocean Gate Ave, Hawthorne). Here’s how you can get up close: Read More »

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Dwyane Wade Changes The Game With Launch Of Mission Court Grip

Dwyane Wade

You’d be surprised how many different basketball brands I come across each month. And while there are many that are bound to be one-hit wonders, there are others that you see a bright future for in an overcrowded market. Mission Court Grip is definitely one of those brands. But don’t just believe me – believe Dwyane Wade. Read More »