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Dime’s Definitive NBA 2K12 Preview

NBA 2K12

When I had a chance to preview NBA 2K12 this week, I honestly came in ready for a let down. NBA 2K11 was out of this world, plain and simple. Without question the best sports game of the year, and arguably the best video game of the year. But even though the hype for 2012 was there, I wasn’t quite buying into it. Oh, how I was wrong. Read More »

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NBA 2K11 Video Game Mock Draft

NBA 2k

They say that kids grow out of video games. Well I don’t know who “they” is, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was never good enough to play the game professionally (or collegiately, for that matter), but that never prevented me from submerging myself in all things basketball. So I follow it, I write about it, I breathe it. I even live vicariously through basketball animations in NBA 2K11.

Yesterday I learned that parents are wrong – video games can be educational. Read More »

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First Look: NBA 2K12 Gameplay Demo (With Help From Kobe)

Last week, we showed you the official NBA 2K12 TV spot that premiered before the start of the Game 1. Problem was, all the gameplay footage was from NBA 2K11. Yesterday as part of the annual video game conference E3 in Los Angeles, 2K Sports showed us what the latest iteration looks like with PlayStation Move support. Oh yeah, and Kobe helped out too. (Why he came out to the instrumental of J-Kwon‘s “Tipsy” is beyond me.)

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NBA 2K12 – 2011 NBA Finals Commercial

NBA 2K is back with a vengeance. Here’s the official TV spot that premiered before the start of the NBA Finals last night. And if you’re looking to circle a date on your calendar, NBA 2K12 will be available everywhere Oct. 4, 2011. (Note: The gameplay footage is from NBA 2K11.) We’ll get you new gameplay footage as soon as it’s available…

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NBA 2K11: The Bulls Will Win The NBA Championship

Derrick Rose in 2k11

In real life, the Bulls might be down 2-1 and be driving an emptying bandwagon. But on the sticks in NBA 2K11, they are champions, says 2K Sports. Using 12-minute quarters with the latest roster updates on the All-Star difficulty, our friends over at 2K Sports simulated the conference finals and NBA Finals. It took seven games for Chicago to win a ring, seven ruthless games over the Dallas Mavericks with Derrick Rose blowing up for an average of 33 points and nearly 10 assists in Games 5-7. Not surprisingly, the NBA’s MVP won the Finals MVP as well. Read More »

Video / Nov 16, 2010 / 6:00 pm

NBA 2K11 – 3D Launch Trailer

The game’s been out for a minute, but have you experienced it in 3D? Today, 2K Sports released NBA 2K11 exclusively for PlayStation 3. We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but after watching this, we might just head to Best Buy after we leave the office.

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Dime Q&A: DeMar DeRozan Talks Toronto, Young Onez & Michael Jordan In A Raptors Uniform

DeMar DeRozan

Having lost Chris Bosh to Miami and adding seven new faces to the roster, the Toronto Raptors seem to be in the process of rebuilding. So on the heels of a solid rookie campaign and a second place finish at the 2010 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, DeMar DeRozan looks to begin his sophomore season with a fresh attitude and an added level of maturity. In an exclusive Dime Q&A at the adidas Practice Court in the Toronto’s Air Canada Centre before opening night, we caught up with DeMar to discuss this year’s squad, the “Young Onez” and Michael Jordan in a Raptors uniform. Read More »

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Michael Jordan: If I Played Today, I Could Have Scored 100 Points

Michael Jordan

Getting Michael Jordan on the phone for an interview is about as hard as sitting down for lunch with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So in a rare interview last Thursday with USA Today’s Game Hunters to talk about NBA 2K11, MJ had something very interesting to say about how the game has changed since his playing days: Read More »

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NBA 2K11 – The Art Of The Post-Game Press Conference

Now that the game has dropped, it’s time to dive deeper into this year’s “My Player” mode of NBA 2K11 which allows you to shape your player’s personality based on how you answer questions in postgame press conferences. Watch as comedian Deon Cole tries making friends with David Lee and Rajon Rondo.

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NBA 2K11 – Official Launch Trailer

Now that NBA 2K11 has officially launched, the fam at 2K Sports have released the official launch trailer for all of you that haven’t gone to pickup your game yet. In case you had any reservations, let them subside – to the tune of Big Boi‘s “Shutterbugg.”

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