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2014 Free Agency, Latest News / Jul 1, 2014 / 12:45 pm

NBPA Advises 18-Month Payment Schedule In Case Of Lockout After ’16-’17 Season

Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James

Free Agency in the NBA started last night with the beginning of the July moratorium. In a letter sent out to all free agents by the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) obtained by Bloomberg News, they’re advising free agents sign for an 18-month payment structure because the current Collective Bargaining Agreement can be renegotiated after the 2016-17 season. Read More »

NBA / Dec 13, 2011 / 3:00 pm

Chris Trew Wants to Save the Hornets from David Stern

Chris Trew New Orleans Hornets owner David Stern NBA

The Chris Paul drama has touched on the fact that the New Orleans Hornets do not have a true owner – the NBA owns them. David Stern has repeatedly said that he wants to keep the Hornets in New Orleans and is only interested in selling the team to buyers who will do just that. Read More »

NBA, Video / Dec 7, 2011 / 10:30 am

Blake Griffin’s Ping-Pong Career Comes to an Abrupt End

Blake Griffin Red Bull

The end of the NBA Lockout not only signifies the return of pro basketball, but also the abrupt end of all the side projects and budding non-hoops careers that players had been pursuing during their down time.

Apparently, Blake Griffin‘s professional ping-pong career is one of those casualties, with the end coming at the hands of this model/ping-pong pro Soo Yeon Lee. Read More »

NBA, Video / Nov 28, 2011 / 10:30 am

Video: Stephen Curry’s Personal Message to NBA Fans

Stephen Curry Message to NBA fans

Last night around 9 p.m. ET, the Warriors’ Stephen Curry posted a personal video message for NBA fans to thank them for hanging in there during the NBA Lockout (assuming everything passes and we’re playing ball on Christmas Day).

Steph’s video is short but genuine – it’s exactly the type of thing the NBA is going to need a lot more of from their players for the foreseeable future to win back disenfranchised fans. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Nov 28, 2011 / 10:00 am

LeBron, ‘Melo, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul Homecoming Tour Cancelled

Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Paul

For fans of the exhibition games put together by NBA stars over the past few months, you’re probably a little disappointed to find out that the Google+ Homecoming Tour has been cancelled… sort of. Read More »

Featured Gallery, NBA / Nov 24, 2011 / 9:00 am

10 NBA Players Who Have the Most to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Derrick Rose

Today is a day where we are supposed to reflect and give thanks for the many gifts in our lives. No matter how bad things may seem, there is always something to be thankful for. The basketball world, despite the rotten situation created by the NBA Lockout, is no different.

NBA players are without a paycheck (we know, we know), their side of the Lockout fight is disorganized, they are disjointed in their beliefs, and they are inevitably going to get severely worked over by the owners when this thing is finally ironed out. But for some NBA players, the Lockout has been a blessing in disguise.

Here are the 10 NBA Players who Have the Most to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving: Read More »

Featured Gallery, NBA / Nov 8, 2011 / 2:30 pm

Why Michael Jordan Is Trying To Destroy The Locked-Out NBA Players

Michael Jordan

No one is happy with the owners, least of all the players after the old guys basically told them recently “Here, we’ll give you two slices from this large buffalo chicken pizza, but if you don’t wash the dishes afterwards, next time you might only get the leftover crust.” Tomorrow is the most important day yet in the lockout, a chance for the players to (hopefully) vote and (hopefully… for our own selfish reasons) agree to a deal. If they don’t give the offer any consideration – which seems the most likely case – the sides will split further apart and the cancellations could eat up the majority of this season. Michael Jordan is in the middle of it all – finally – but as we called for him to get more involved, I don’t think the players expected him to do what he did. Read More »

NBA / Nov 2, 2011 / 3:30 pm

No Surprise: Yahoo! Search Reports ‘NFL Lockout’ Searched Twice As Often As ‘NBA Lockout’

NBA Lockout

Breaking news: people care more about the NFL than the NBA. Shocking! It shouldn’t take a degree to figure that one out. The numbers don’t lie either. Yahoo! Search recently helped us out anyways by tracking lockout search results. The NFL lockout last 136 days; the NBA is on day 124. Despite that, Yahoo! Search reports that NFL lockout has received twice as many searches as NBA lockout on Yahoo! In fact, on every big milestone day, the NFL has mattered more than the NBA: day one of the lockout (the NFL lockout received 19 percent more Yahoo! searches), day 50 (the NFL lockout received 113 percent more Yahoo! searches) and day 100 (the NFL lockout received seven percent more Yahoo! searches). Read More »

NBA / Oct 26, 2011 / 2:30 pm

The NBA Lockout: Inaction Should Be The Last Action

Chris Paul

This open letter was scribed as a response to ESPN Columnist Scoop Jackson’s piece, “NBA Lockout: A Call To Inaction,” published on Oct. 24, 2011. Here is an excerpt from Jackson:

“Two weeks of the regular season already canceled. Soon, the Christmas games. Then the All-Star Game. And hopefully, the entire season. The countdown to Armageddon is finally here.

If you think you just read the word ‘hopefully’ — as in, does this guy really have the audacity to hope that there is not a 2011-12 NBA season? — you read right. We’re now 117 days deep into the League’s most recent work stoppage; at some point, there needs to be an understanding that the next 300 days are far more important than the ones gone by. Read More »

Featured Gallery, Latest News, NBA, Overseas / Oct 12, 2011 / 11:45 am

Dime Exclusive: Breaking News, NBA Superstars Headed Overseas

LeBron James

We’ve started to hear credible rumblings of a big-time overseas tour for a group of elite NBA superstars, designed to fill the void left by the cancellation of the first two weeks of the season.

The details are a little fuzzy at this point, and none of this has been confirmed (we’ll leave that to the reporters who are sure to chase this story), but here’s what we’re hearing: Read More »