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All-Star, NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Jan 28, 2011 / 11:00 am

2011 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys

2011 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys

Aside from the shoes, the NBA All-Star Game means all-new uniforms for the East and West. And this year, adidas comes correct with some all new threads that completely change the game. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of L.A., the new NBA All-Star jerseys pay homage to Hollywood with bold block typeface inspired by the Hollywood sign, as well as the city skyline embossed in the lettering of the team names. And seeing as how this is the 60th NBA All-Star Game, the uniform features an integrated diamond pattern that stands out under the arena lights, in referenced to the diamond anniversary. Read More »

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Buy Game-Worn Jerseys Tonight

Kobe Bryant

With the new season upon us, it’s time to get geared out. For the first time ever, fans of all 30 NBA teams will have the chance to own game-worn jerseys of the starting five on their team’s opening-night roster. So if you’ve been saving your pennies for that Joel Anthony authentic NBA Revolution 30 jersey, it’s time to cash in. And to celebrate the Lakers’ 16th NBA championship, the League will auction off every jersey from the team’s opening night roster. Read More »

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Where’s The NBA Headed? Pay Close Attention To The D-League


Trust me, this didn’t happen overnight. Since the NBA Development League was founded in 2001, it has long been the goal of the NBA’s official minor league to try things out there before bringing them to the Big Show. Whether it’s talent (developing 20 percent of current NBA players as well as numerous coaches, referees and front-office staff), jerseys (testing the new adidas-developed NBA Revolution 30 uniforms for this season) or equipment (playing with various versions of the official Spalding game ball), the D-League has always served as the perfect conduit to change. Now let’s add some rules to the list. Read More »

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A Comprehensive History Of NBA Uniforms

1952 World Champion Minneapolis Lakers

With the NBA Revolution 30 fully underway, we thought now was as good a time as any to take a look back at the history of NBA uniforms. As we told you yesterday, the new jerseys are the lightest and most technologically advanced NBA uniform ever, and our friends at the NBA and adidas put together a timeline for us to demonstrate how far we’ve come. Read More »

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Dwight Howard’s New NBA Jersey

NBA Revolution 30

For the past two days, everyone’s been a twitter about NBA Revolution 30. With every player in the League getting new threads, we thought we’d show you a closer look. One thing you might notice is that in order to reduce uniform weight and increase player comfort, adidas switched front and back numbers from heavier, dense materials to breathable mesh. After the jump, check out Dwight Howard‘s new jersey. Read More »

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NBA Unveils All-New On-Court Uniforms

NBA Revolution 30

Technology is always evolving in the modern society. This fact is no different with the sports world. Scientists are always trying to find a way to make athletes strong, faster and more agile. This morning, the good folks over at adidas unveiled the NBA Revolution 30 at the world famous NBA Store on Fifth Avenue. By using NBA stars Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Wilson Chandler and Jordan Farmar as runway models, the sneaker giant showed off the results of their research and hard work over the last four years. Read More »

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NBA Unveiling All-New On-Court Uniforms Wednesday Morning

NBA Revolution 30

NBA Revolution 30. Sounds cool enough, but what does it mean? Well, all 30 NBA teams will wear new on-court uniforms beginning this season, and adidas and the NBA are inviting you to see the unveiling tomorrow morning. Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Wilson Chander, Jordan Farmar and Toney Douglas will be the ones delivering the new jerseys from an armored truck outside the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue at 10:30am, and showing them off to the public for the first time. Let me put it this way: You’re definitely going to want to take the day off from school/work. Read More »