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Style - Kicks and Gear / Sep 4, 2013 / 2:15 pm

The 20 Best Basketball Movies Of All Time

He Got Game

With so many corny and over-directed basketball films out there, and with the recent news about a possible He Got Game sequel, we figured it was time to put together another rundown of all the best hoop flicks (we dropped an original list way back in 2010). No criteria needed here, just good action and solid storylines… stuff that’ll make you come back again and again.

You also won’t find any documentaries here — so while Hoop Dreams is revolutionary, amazing and timeless, it won’t be found on this list. Here are the 20 best films you need to see as a basketball/movie fan. Read More »

Dime 1-on-1 NBA Tournament / Sep 9, 2011 / 1:00 pm

Dime’s Ultimate Movie Baller: Lewis Scott vs. Henry Steele

Lewis Scott

(3) Lewis Scott, Celtic Pride vs. (14) Henry Steele, One on One


We wondered, right up until tip, whether this game would ever tip-off. The arena was dead silent. The few fans that were allowed in off the street weren’t even sure what to do. In Salt Lake City, most of them have never even heard of one-on-one. The only kids who play ball walk around and shoot on the retractable hoops in their backyards. There are no playgrounds, no one is playing for anything. It’s all too nice. No attitude. Read More »