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Style - Kicks and Gear / Sep 5, 2012 / 3:30 pm

Nike Air Penny V “Suns”

Nike Air Penny V "Suns"

We showed you the Red Eagles. We showed you the Invisibility Cloaks. We showed you the Miami and Orlando editions as well, but these Nike Air Penny V “Suns” might be the best colorway we’ve seen so far of the latest edition to Penny Hardaway‘s signature line, the Nike Air Penny V. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Aug 27, 2012 / 12:30 pm

Nike Air Penny V “Red Eagle”

Nike Air Penny V "Red Eagle"

We showed you the Invisibility Cloaks. We showed you the Miami and Orlando editions as well, but these Nike Air Penny V “Red Eagles” might be the best colorway we’ve seen so far of the latest edition to Penny Hardaway‘s signature line. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / May 18, 2012 / 12:30 pm

Nike Air Penny V ‘Miami’ & ‘Orlando’

Nike Air Penny V

If you don’t feel like waiting a full six or seven months to grab a pair of these “Orlando” Nike Air Penny Vs, or hopefully the Miami-inspired Nike Air Penny Vs, you can get them early on eBay. Thanks to our friends at Sneakernews.com, we now know skit_japan is selling them for a Buy It Now price of $400 (Ed. The “Miami” pair was just sold a few minutes ago for $450). Steep, but that was expected given the line – besides Jordans, no sneaker line creates enough hype to match the excitement that comes with every Penny release – and the sneaker – the Penny V, which will take the line away from the strap of the IV and back towards the style that made the first three editions of the line so wildly popular. Read More »

NBA / Apr 10, 2012 / 1:00 pm

The Top 5 Current/Former NBA Players Who Would Make Great Team Owners

Penny Hardaway

As Kentucky’s championship celebration from Bourbon Street to Lexington drew to an end, baseball’s Opening Day debuted this past weekend. In between the taste of alcohol in N’awlins and smell of hot dogs filling the lazy summer days at the ballpark, the Los Angeles Dodgers are now relevant again thanks to one of the city’s own original caretakers: Magic Johnson. He became the first African-American owner of a MLB team and instantly the face of one of the most iconic franchises in sports history. Read More »

NBA, Video / Feb 17, 2012 / 3:00 pm

Penny Hardaway’s Top 10 Plays With The Orlando Magic

Penny Hardaway

Not a whole lot needs to be written here. Any Penny Hardaway list is a good one. In my humble opinion, I’ll still say the top 10 list I created a little while back was better than this one. But who’s comparing? And more importantly, who’s complaining? Read More »

Featured Gallery, NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Jan 31, 2012 / 1:00 pm

Dime Q&A: Penny Hardaway Tells All

Penny Hardaway

If you’re a fan of Penny Hardaway, it’s impossible not to consider what could have been. Penny was All-NBA First Team twice by the time he was 25. Who knows what heights he could have reached if only his body had held up?

That said, there’s no point to focusing on what didn’t happen at the expense of celebrating what actually did. Penny’s all too brief period atop the basketball world brought him a well-deserved enduring legacy, and his eternally cool Nike signature line and 1 Cent logo continues to resonate with sneakerheads of all ages. Read More »

Smack / Jan 27, 2012 / 1:41 am

Paul Pierce Leads One Of The Greatest NBA Comebacks Ever

Paul Pierce

At some point in the fourth quarter of Boston’s 91-83 win in Orlando – it might’ve been after another one of his threes or perhaps when he had a behind-the-back assist to Brandon Bass or even when he hit a technical free throw – we sat back and realized, “Damn, Boston is really going to win this thing,” and they did it because Paul Pierce turned back the clock with one of the most incredible comebacks we’ve ever seen. Early in the fourth quarter, Pierce had banged two straight threes and then hit a pull-up in the lane and suddenly it was a four-point game. Read More »

Smack / Nov 15, 2011 / 12:00 am

A ‘Nuclear Winter’ Hits The NBA; Syracuse Is The Deepest Team In The Country

J.R. Smith

In the words of one of our more eloquent Twitter followers: “What the f— am I supposed to watch after the Super Bowl?” The season hasn’t exactly been canceled yet, but with the players rejecting the latest proposal from the owners and threatening to take them to court, the ugliness might’ve just started. David Stern promised that the next time the two sides do negotiate – whenever that’ll be – the owners will be discussing 47 percent BRI and no more, and yet the players still hit the owners with a backhanded slap. So now Stern is calling it a “nuclear winter,” the players are saying it’s a good move and everyone is all wrapped up in self-destruction. Read More »

Smack / Nov 3, 2011 / 1:41 am

Shaq Calls Out Dwight Howard; LaMarcus Aldridge Wants To Play With Jamal Crawford

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

We wouldn’t exactly call it airing dirty laundry, but Shaquille O’Neal is definitely getting a few things off his chest now that he’s retired. We aren’t hearing anything new. It’s just that O’Neal is making no mistake about anything: he had some serious problems with Kobe, he left Pat Riley on really bad terms, and that he’s not into Dwight Howard‘s whole Superman routine and thinks Orlando’s big man needs to be his own man. In Shaq’s new book (Shaq Uncut: My Story), Superman takes a couple shots at Superman 2.0, telling Howard to “be his own man.” Shaq and Howard have never really gotten along, so this news comes without any surprise. Shaq has always been someone who spoke his mind, and in his new book, he holds nothing back. Read More »

Smack / Oct 29, 2011 / 12:00 am

Lockout Talks Fall Apart…Again; Phil Jackson Says Derrick Rose Needs Help

Derrick Rose

We were soooo close. Imagine if the proper etiquette when you went out to eat or hit up happy hour was to tip two percent. That would feel like nothing. Well in what was considered to be the biggest day thus far of the lockout – the first one where a good percentage of those involved legitimately believed a deal could get done – the guys ended where they started: with nothing. The talks broke down on the dreaded BRI when neither the players nor the owners would move off their stances. The players wanted 52 percent; The owners were at 50. Of course, it’s pretty stupid to compare tipping $6 with a CBA for the NBA but still in the context – with millionaires fighting billionaires, you get our drift. You are two percent away. You want to know how easy it is to fix that? Each side give up a point. Read More »