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NBA / Nov 6, 2012 / 12:00 pm

Humble & Hungry: Dime’s 2012 NBA Rookie Journal With Dion Waiters, Vol. 2

Dion Waiters

After an outstanding sophomore season at Syracuse that had many analysts talking about him as one of the best guards in the country, Dion Waiters decided the time was right to test his talents and make the jump to the NBA. The Philly native was a beast as a sixth man, averaging 12.6 points on nearly 48 percent shooting to help lead the Orange to the Elite 8 last season, and after his stock steadily rose during the draft process, Cleveland took him higher than anyone expected. He kept a diary with us throughout the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft, and plans to check in with us often throughout this upcoming season to talk about life as a rookie, the NBA grind, and his favorite things to do off the court… Read More »

We Reminisce / Sep 18, 2011 / 12:30 am

Remix: The Mike Vick ATL Experience

Mike Vick

Although our beloved NBA is on the fritz with the lockout, at least the NFLPA and the owners were able to save the NFL. Football season is in full swing and boy does it feel better than ever. The season just started last week and there are already enough storylines to write a book on. The most intriguing of them all, however, is Michael Vick‘s return to the Georgia Dome tonight. Read More »