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Latest News, Overseas / Jan 3, 2013 / 10:10 am

Video: Quincy Douby Scores 75 Points in Chinese Basketball Association Game

quincy douby 75 points video

I was scrolling through some of the most recent basketball posts on Reddit yesterday afternoon when I spotted a new link to a box score from a Chinese Basketball Association from the previous night. The headline screamed that former Sacramento King Quincy Douby had put up 75 points in a win for his Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Bulls.

Video of the game though was nowhere to be found. But through the magic of YouTube, you can now see an edited reel of Douby’s absurd shooting performance (complete with an Eddy Curry cameo). Read More »

Latest News, NBA / May 20, 2010 / 11:30 am

The Best & Worst NBA Draft Picks By The Lottery Teams This Decade

Chris Paul

With the NBA Draft Lottery all sorted out, and the selection order now set, people can start their Mock Draft frenzy. But before we delve into the future, let’s break down the best and worst picks of the past decade by 2010’s Lottery teams. Read More »

NBA / Sep 2, 2009 / 11:58 am

The Battle to Start In Toronto

DeMar DeRozan

Four of the Raptors’ starting five is basically in stone. You know Calderon is starting at point, Hedo at the three, Bosh at the four and Bargnani at the five. The shooting guard spot? That’s where it gets debatable. While early indications out of TO suggest that top draft pick DeMar DeRozan will begin the season as a starter, there is no guarantee that will stick throughout the season and maybe even preseason. The sure-to-be fan favorite guard out of USC has his fair share of competition at his spot. Read More »